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Iron Head
14th Jul 2002, 06:08
I found the Priestess in the SR2, yes SR2 executable game code using a hex editor!

Since MSN image links don't work here for some reason, check out the pics in the this topic at the nosgoth.net forums:


Also, who the hell is this boss Aluka?

14th Jul 2002, 07:35
The "Aluka Boss" was Rahab's development codename for the first game.
The reason The Priestess, Zephon ("Wallcrawler Boss"), Rahab ("Aluka Boss"), Dumah ("Ronin Boss"), Melchiah ("Skinner Boss"), Turel ("Morlock Boss"), and other objects such as the vampire hunter are in the SR2 code is because the SR2 engine started out as a Playstation 2 port of the one from the original game. As development progressed, more and more of the original code was replaced with bits that would make it look good on the PS2, but there's a lot of the old stuff still in there. If you poke around you will see stuff like the Constrict ability, for example. The Air Forge demo actually has bits of the dialogue from the first game embedded inside, even.