View Full Version : Square Enix, you really need to figure out this whole shipping to Canada thing.

5th Dec 2016, 18:21
So being in Canada, i rarely order form Square Enix store, mostly because for Canadians the service is horrible. Usually it arrives a week or more late, plus custom fees, every time.
I though that with FF15 Ultimate Collectors Edition, it would be different because it has been years since i last order. I hate to say it, but nothing changed. The game arrived a week late, while my American counterparts got it a the Friday before release, plus every time i get hit with customs, on everything from Square, i've ordered stuff of American Amazon before, the items ships from America where the order and delivery are fulfilled by Amazon, never has been late, and never have i had to pay duty on it before.
Having searched for a feedback page for Square Store, and finding none, this is the only way i think i can reach Square.

So Square Online Store managing team, Make the experience for your Canadian Customers Better. This is defiantly not the first time this has happened and i doubt it is the last, because the same thing happened in 2013 with Lighting returns. At this point, i think i should just stop using Square's online store, and to any Canadians out there, I'd advise you to do the same, you will be waiting for your game a week and you will pay equal to a games price ($60; well $80 in Canada) in custom fees.

31st Jan 2017, 05:35
I rarely order from them as well because they keep using Digital River in their online store. Namco realized they were terrible after the whole Ni No Kuni CE debacle and now use Amazon. I wish SE did the same. :(