View Full Version : 4K (PS4 Pro) Question - Different graphic quality on camera move/does not move

5th Dec 2016, 05:56
Have different graphic quality on camera move/does not move:

1) When you move camera or moving Lara - you have perfect graphic quality

2) When you stood and don't move camera - you got some blur, like switch graphic to 1080p or so. As for me, it's look like HRD problem or so.

Does anyone have same problem?

My settings:
1) PS4 Pro
2) Sony KD-49XD7005
3) 4k resolution in game settings
4) 4k resolution in ps settings
5) HDR - auto in ps settings

PS Sorry, if i missed same thread

5th Dec 2016, 17:24
From what i know there's 4k but no HDR support for this title. There's no single word about HDR in the patch notes aynway.

5th Dec 2016, 21:47
not sure if thats what you mean but sometimes i have the bug that extreme depth of field effect from the fire place dont go away when standing up. everything is blurry then and i need to restart. not sure what triggers that bug..