View Full Version : WHERE has everything gone? PS4 version is missing things we had before last update.

4th Dec 2016, 12:34
I got Hitman on PS4.
Where are the Sarajevo Six gone?
Where is the esculations menu gone?
WHY have you changed it and screwed the menus up AGAIN?

Can we get the Sarajevo Six back? I cant find them anywhere. Haven't even seen the last one as been playing other games since it came out and that's only been a few weeks.

Can we get the esculations menu back? It was good to see what I had done, what I have to do and how far I've done each. Now from what I think is the location where that menu used to be there are some search menus instead?

Its a bit hard to finish the game when you can't even do what you're supposed to do. All I can find of the esculations is a box on the first page which only has 5. You need to do 10 to complete the game. I'm not sure how many I've done, I thought it was 10 already. Last time I saw the menu most of them were finished I think? Now in that first page there are 5 new ones.

The Sarajevo six, they aren't anywhere to be found unless there is a hidden menu somewhere? As I said, I'm using the PS4 version so I should have them, I did have them till the last update when everything went missing.

So, we paid full price from the start, you screw us around all though the episodes and now you delete our extras? Is that how you treat loyal customers?

EDIT: I found them, they are now all separated and in the locations menus instead of their own menu which is how it was forever until the last update when they got moved and for us who brought it from the start its all screwed up now. Was heaps better having them in their own section instead of spread out over the different locations.
So you did screw us around again. Just set it up and leave it the hell alone. Stop screwing with menus and stuff we got used to and now its all messed up.

10th Dec 2016, 04:22
guess they have nothing better to screw with over there at IOI. This game has been screwed with (and not for the better) more times than Jenna Jameson.