View Full Version : Merry Xmas, everyone :)

1st Dec 2016, 19:40
It's December, and you guys know what that means - time to decorate the forum with some Xmas flair :)

We have two festive forum skins to cozy up the place:


If the skins are not showing up for you, go to the bottom of this page http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/profile.php?do=editoptions to make sure you have "Tomb Raider 10 Light" or "Tomb Raider 10 Dark" as your preferred skin, and then hit CTRL+F5 to clear your browser cache :)

1st Dec 2016, 20:05
WOOT WOOT!! Always love seeing the Christmas theme and emoticons :D:):cool::nut:

* so looks like the emoticons are just trailing behind :whistle:

1st Dec 2016, 20:22
Here we go :) ;) :D

1st Dec 2016, 20:38
Much better!! But still, hats should be on ALL the emoji's ;):whistle::nut::poke:

1st Dec 2016, 21:22
Yay, it's Christmas time!! :):D


2nd Dec 2016, 01:15
ah, this time of the year again.
me and my parents do as we have done it for over a decade now: just have a good dinner. since none of us know what to give each other.
saves us lots of money too. :)
yesterday at work, when i was caring a big bag over my back, one yelled out: "here is santa. i like to have this and that and....oh **** it, i'll get it my self."
yeah, pretty much sums up christmas for me as well. :D

17th Dec 2016, 13:32
A far different atmosphere exists here this year from last, for well-known reasons. Merry Christmas.