View Full Version : GMan is me...and what the hell happened?

14th Jul 2002, 04:45
I mean man, a fella leaves for a few weeks and sheesh! the old forum is gone. Anyone know the story behind that? Is this the same place, only new and improved, or is this a different place than before? Most of the usernames are the same, but some are different, and still no LoneCoyote over on this side of the fence. :(

Well, vB code is all automatic now, no more / and [ stuff--that's cool. I guess.

I also see new titles for people--how's that done?

Do we all start with zero post count? I thought I saw some high numbers, but I could be mistaken.

As I read the new sign in page, I laughed to notice that I've broken most of those old rules over at the old forum. Many times. Heh heh, I wonder if the automatic censor still doesn't work on Subject lines...I guess I'll find out fast.

So, do you all like the name Fingersmith (a Roald Dahl name for a pickpocket), or should I stick with the tried and true GMan? I guess since I'm starting over I could go either way now. I always threatened to change it...

Any news? I see most posting going on at the Crippled Burrick, so I assume that's the new hangout, with a few other Thief Forums sprinkled in for good measure.

As for me, my folks came out to visit for two weeks, and we spent part of that time looking up long lost relatives in the Niagara Falls area. My dad knew them, but I had never met them.

Then it was my turn to travel with my family to visit my folks and grandma for a couple of weeks. Had a great time catching up with them and the rest of my extended family. Nothing noteworthy, just lottsa good times.

Has everyone migrated over to the new place? Is it as good as the old?

Why is there a pic of Lara Croft on my Address line and in my Favorites links? I think we deserve Garrett.

Have to look around a bit--lots of new features to play with.

Fingersmith/GMan is me.

Oh, BTW, is there anyway to access the old forum to see what I missed? Are the archived articles still around?

Tin Star
14th Jul 2002, 06:27
I for one would like to see you keep the name Gman.I like it better and I think that most everone who knew you from the old forum would be quicker in knowing who you are.The new forum takes a little while to get use to but for the most part is much better set up then the old one was.If you do keep your old forum name and would like to have your old date as to when you joined the thief forum back you can let GM know and he will adjust your members start date to what it was.I to noticed that some of the post counts seem to be higher then they should be.Why they are I have no idea but from what has been said about the post counts everyone would start at zero post counts again because it would take to much time to adjust all the post counts for the members of the forum which is ok by me because I never kept count on how many I had anyway.As I said I will always know you as Gman and its good to see that you have found us.Welcome home Gman.

:) Tin Star

14th Jul 2002, 08:52
Hi GMan,

Welcome back.:) I agree with everything Tin Star said. I'm guessing we will all vote for GMan. Fingersmith.... I'm not sure I like the sound of that.;)

Post counts start at zero for all of us mortals. A few moderators on other forums got their old posts back when the forum was being tested, but they put a lid on it. Also, renaming of titles has been stopped. A few here slipped under the wire, but I'm not sure whether those will stay or not.

Here are your memership stats from a long time (over a year) ago, which I got from an old archive thread.

Posts: 1764
From: Massachusetts, USA
Registered: FEB 2000

Grey Mouser has offered to restore the registration dates, which I think he will still do if you send him an e-mail with this information.

The old forum is gone. No way to check it. We are trying to restore Archives now. We have all the important ones. It is just a question of organizing them for display.

14th Jul 2002, 08:59
Oh, your question about what happened. Eidos just changed to some different BBS software. It is vBulletin now. vBulletin has more options and is easier to administer. UBB is gone. TTLG made that same switch some time ago. It is still the same place but organized differently. Most people like the present organization, and the rest are getting used to it.

14th Jul 2002, 13:56
Gman! Well I put in my vote. :D Welcome home! Please stick with Gman, it is YOU Then Screech would have to do your portrait over again. ;)

Yes, lots of goodies to sort through with the new forum, just play with all the options. People are getting used to it, change can be hard for some.

Most people are over here. I am sure some will eventually find there way, if they haven't been here yet.
Most everyone visits the other thief boards, no big deal.

Some of us have titles, you noticed mine? Stiboy has one, CYF has one too. There was an option, in your profile, that was accidently left open, Redlegg forgot to turn it off. This was when the board first started up. Well, you know us taffers are good at finding things. ;) The option was taken away for fear of abuse by some trolling menance. Much debate has gone on for this option.
Things I hope are settled at the moment. Though things are still be worked on and tweaked, stuff still being moved over here.

RicknMel was at one time called Stryder, he is once again RicknMel
PlaneShifter is now known as ChangelingJane.
GoldmoonDawn is now known as Old Gold.
LeatherMan was known as One Taffer?? Correct me Leatherman!

All these changes!!! My head is spinning.

Glad you had a good time with your family!!! I am about to fly up to Michigan myself on Wednesday and see my family.
And a new *great niece* :eek: :cool: :D

Good to see you Gman. :)

14th Jul 2002, 22:01
Welcome to the new forum, GMan!! I agree with the other posters that it takes a little getting used to but I think it's definitely an improvement over the old one.

Incidentally, just to let you know, there's some guy calling himself Fingersmith who's going around claiming to be you. You may want to do something about it. ;)

17th Jul 2002, 05:17
Sigh, since the tribe has spoken, I guess I'll stick with plain ole GMan. I'll convert back as soon as I can figure out how to reregister. Fingersmith was fun while it lasted though. For a few days I got to be a cool pickpocket. Ah well, back to being GarrettMan.

BTW, Strider? LMAO.