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1st Dec 2016, 03:40
I'm still unable to play anything but offline... This is my 4th and last post on the issue. I have still to see any response to any of my previous posts, so if I'm not seeing a reply after this post, I will request a Steam refund.

As I have stated in the last 3 posts:

* I am unable to connect to the Hitman Service! And have been so since a re-install (played every episode, online, up to 3 episodes ago). After the re-install I can't connect.
* I have tried to verify the Steam Game Cache (first time I had to re-download 18GB, the next reported no errors, and the one after that also reported "no errors").
* I have tried connecting through a VPN to bypass my routers (without any change).
* I have tried opening some ports (found a list of 350 ports on the steam forum) for incoming traffic (outgoing is open).
* I have setup IPTables on a Raspberry PI 3, and routed my traffic through it, so as to see what Hitman is doing.
It looks as if it is trying to connect to port 27020 on a varying number of IP addresses, and possibly to port 443. But more info requires Wireshark or something similar. I have no idea if Wireshark is available on RPi, so I want to delay this if I can.
* I do not have access to my router, so I'm unable to setup IP forwarding on it, but I can use UPnP to forward a limited number of ports. (Using MiniUPnP Client to remotely open the ports). Only one thing missing, and that is an accurate list of ports to forward.

And since I doubt anyone bothers to read all this, I'm asking again as clearly as possible:

What ports do I need to FORWARD? (again: everything outgoing is open, so I need to know incoming ports!)?

Some more info:
I have a cascading router setup (2x routers between me and the internet), but I did have the same setup when I was able to play the game. So what has changed?
1. I moved the game from one SSD to another (tried moving it, but moving failed, so I had to re-download 35GB). 2. Windows 10 Pro was "upgraded" to Aniversary Edition.
3. Kaspersky Internet Security was updated to version 2017.
4. Hitman was updated with the last 3 episodes.

I have tried disabling Kaspersky with no change. Kaspersky is also configured to allow everything Hitman related.
All other games I own works without any problems whatsoever, so this is ONLY a Hitman issue for me.


2nd Dec 2016, 01:03
Well, I'm officially an idiot...

Sorry for ranting off like that, when I should add another point to what had changed:
5. Enabled "Scan Encrypted Connections" (under Settings-->Additional-->Network) in Kaspersky Internet Security 2016/17
Disabling Encrypted Connection Scan solved my problem....

So much agony for a simple setting :)