View Full Version : When Will The New Aod Game Be For Ps1

14th Jul 2002, 04:37

Lil Lara
14th Jul 2002, 05:56
AOD will be coming out the 13th of November, of course, subject to change. So far... AOD is onlly coming out for the PC and PS2, I don't think that it will be on any other consoles.

15th Jul 2002, 00:21
No sorry AOD won't be coming out for PS1 because it is too old and have a bad graphics engine, they are sticking strickly to PS2 and PC. PS2 got much more power to do more things. They are not making many games for PS1 now because it's old and outdated. CRAPPY AZZ GRAPHICS CHIP.:rolleyes:

15th Jul 2002, 03:24
PS1 isn't all at crappy, i enjoying playing older games on it. Just like i enjoy playing DOS games on my older pc:p

If you were willing to shell out 50$ for AOD, just get the pc version of AOD, seeing how you already have a pc.

If you have pc version of AOD, you can tweak the graphics and the visuals will be more purty.