View Full Version : Latest patch ruined this game for me

30th Nov 2016, 18:56
Noises at a certain pitch legitimately cause me physical pain, the new sound for firearm kills falls into this category.

Please add an option to turn this off.

For forum responses
"Don't use guns"
Yeah, no ****, but how is it okay that I'm locked out of an entire style of playing and everything else that comes with that?

"Mute the game"
Being aware of your surroundings and audio cues are important, clearly the devs felt that enough to add this in at all despite there already being visual feedback for killing shots.

"Don't play"
And be punished for missing Elusive Targets? Honestly I'd consider refunding the game if this isn't fixed, despite being a fan of the series for over a decade, but since I've had it since near launch and put a couple hundred hours in I doubt that's an option. I bought the full experience as well, so I haven't even gotten everything I've paid for yet since Landslide isn't out.

"The devs didn't intend this side effect"
Of course they didn't, but it exists, and I fail to see how asking for it to be optional is somehow wrong.

10th Dec 2016, 04:19
is it that ringing sound? That was there in the beta and when Paris first came out. People complained, they removed it, now it's back! ? I don't know what these guys are doing over there at IOI.

"The devs didn't intend this side effect"

this game has been one big "side effect" from day one.