View Full Version : I cant login to try Final Fantasy XIV

26th Nov 2016, 02:57
I want to try the game and every time I puts Square Enix credential its not working, what is going on?
people love simplicity.

26th Nov 2016, 03:03
I cant login to this stupid thing, I have even changed my login info multiple times by litarrally copying and pasting my credentials.. its so funny how these people dont learn from Microsoft Hotmail failure due to unnecessary security.

6th Dec 2016, 13:25
Posted 26th of Nov and no responses? I'm having the same issue. nice to know I payed for a game I can't play.

10th Dec 2016, 04:20
I think that there are two separate accounts for square-enix. There is the account that we are on now called na.square-enix.com in which i am able to log in with my email and password. However, there is a second account at account.square-enix.com. i cannot log into this account, which i believe is supposed to be my main account for transactions. My email is the same and i still have the original welcome email from 2013 but it seems there is a different password somehow and we cannot access our "real" account password to log in. Please help.