View Full Version : Stop with all the parents stuff already

24th Nov 2016, 13:19
I have heard the latest details of the Tomb Raider film out next year and guess what one of the central parts is Lara looking for her lost parents YET AGAIN.

It was the story of TRL - TRU with even anniversary somehow fitting a connection in. The first TR movie, the reboot both as well have a version of it. Overall now it comes up so many times that they are dead, the are alive, they are dead ... who even cares anymore. Anybody else really want to see the parents stuff concluded for good so Lara can get on with being independent than keep being in the shadow of her father. Maybe some people actually like it as motivation but I think that passion for exploring should be the main motivation and the parents stuff detracts from that.

25th Nov 2016, 10:08
Indeed, enough with the boo hoo, pick up the dual uzi's & take care of business!!! You're a Croft FFS!!! :D