View Full Version : No animals in AOD?

13th Jul 2002, 22:54
I'm guessing there won't be any animals such as Wolfs and bats in AOD. Except for the dogs as we see from the trailer but I wonder if Lara will be able to shoot them?

Bats in the catacombs maybe??

14th Jul 2002, 00:35
There'll probably be rats in the catacombs. And if she goes into the sewers at all, lol, there'll probably be a nice friendly alligator there to greet her. Or is that just in NYC??

I say a nice random monkey in the middle of the Parisian streets would be great!! :p

Mr Sinster
14th Jul 2002, 01:39
Who knows what monsters we may find living under the streets..

Lil Lara
14th Jul 2002, 05:59
Has anyone seen that picture of those creepy mutated monster like things in the PSM article?? Those things could be classified as animals.. hehe.. those things scare the crap out of me!!

14th Jul 2002, 20:05
There wil be the dogs of course, which I'm assuming you will be able to kill, like in the other games. I think we may see some rats in the streets, I mean besides the bad guys. Perhaps there will be some bats in the catacombs.
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