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22nd Nov 2016, 06:06
In the Reboot Lara held a Torch where its gone from ROTTR, i miss the Torch where we could've used it or a Lighter instead of Heavily Depending on the Bow for Upgrades just to have a Flaming Arrow.

In ROTTR we are introduced with Unlimited Glow Sticks which is Awesome, yet there were many Flares around that i would've loved to use if we ran out of Glow Sticks.

In the Croft Manor DLC, the Shoulder Flashlight from TR Underworld returns.

So the Question is, what Light Source would you want in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and how would you want it used.

By the way the Oil Lamps Lara picks up, have any of you dragged it into a Cave and see if theres some form of light coming out of it.

24th Nov 2016, 15:48
I haven't enough posts to vote but would go for Underworld flashlight.