View Full Version : Empty art book

19th Nov 2016, 19:14
Ok, I just got rise of the tomb raider 20 year celebration for pc and there is a holder for a cd in the art book but no cd. Normally I would go back to the shop and ask but it is too far also the sales guy went to the stock room to get the game and it was in its original clear plastic shrink wrapping. Noone could have tampered with it, it was unopened. So before I go back to the shop, is their supposed to be a cd there? Is that where all the extra content is? I have not played the game yet, thanks.

20th Nov 2016, 01:46
Was there a piece of paper with a game redeem code on it? Because that's what you need to get the game running, including all the dlc. I assume it's for steam, so you need that application downloaded too. The artbook is probably just designed the same way for pc and PS4 versions, which is why there is space for a disc. As long as you have a code, you're fine, I think.

20th Nov 2016, 20:38
There was a piece of paper with a code for the product registration but it says nothing about DLC. I installed the game via steam and all the DLC was automatically added. I did not put in any code other than the one i could copy and paste from the popup window (first time i have seen this in any game), i never checked if it is the same code that is one the paper. Anyway, it seems i got all the promised DLC as i got notifications about the expansions when i started the game. That is annoying though, they could say that there is not supposed to be a cd.