View Full Version : Absolute worst time and we haven't even been able to start!

18th Nov 2016, 00:54
Just got a PS4 with FF 14 for my boyfriend and boy were we in for a treat like nothing we've ever seen in a game... but more akin to something we've seen trying to set up a bank account.

Way, WAY WAY FAR TOO MANY FORMS, on top of that serial keys, internet account making, registering and having to reset passwords counting 7 times now because the god damn game wouldn't accept my login ID.

What the hell is this? I should not be signing forms to PLAY A GAME, and it should WORK!

If I could I'd send this right back to the damn shop, but sadly we're now stuck with it because we've used the Serial Key, bloody HELL SQUEENIX, I'm beyond angry... this entire process to play GAME WAS FAR MORE ANNOYING THAN IT EVEN NEEDED TO BE!

You're supposed to be a triple A developer and you make getting onto the game more tiresome and frustrating than being held on call by mobile phone contract companies!

I sure hope my boyfriend is able to enjoy the game now because we're on the verge of burning the damn disc.