View Full Version : Which trailer is which??

Lil Lara
13th Jul 2002, 18:51
I have been trying and trying to get the AOD trailer to work, the one fromthe official website. Well, anyways... just when I thought all hope was lost, there was a new icon on my desktop, I clicked on it... and there it was, one of the trailers! Ok, now I want to know, whether it was the "hand of fate" one, or the actual in-game trailer. 'Cause the one that I saw is kinda like an extended version of the opening to the officail TR website, with the phrases popping up... so, can anyone tell me which one I saw? I'm just curious, thanks!

Lara Croft Online
13th Jul 2002, 19:14
If you heard "You ask me about evil? Let me tell you about evil.
Than thats not the official one :D "Thats Hand Of Fate"

Lil Lara
13th Jul 2002, 20:23
Thanks! I think I saw the official "in-game" one, 'cause the one I saw didn't have anyone talking...just the phrases popping up, music, and sound effects. It was an amazing trailer, I'm so pumped up for the game to come out; I can't wait!!