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12th Nov 2016, 15:59
Hi is there any chance of seeing a patch for ps4 pro, with patch 1.1 the game is really ugly to see. In the hope of an improvement. Greetings

14th Nov 2016, 20:03
I am not sure where to bring this up to Square Enix, so I decided to post up here.

When playing World of Final Fantasy (version: 1.01) on a PS4 Pro the graphics are pixelated and suffer from blurring and poor anti-aliasing.

I do not believe that I am alone in this, based on the following articles.

Gamenguide (http://www.gamenguide.com/articles/66936/20161113/world-of-final-fantasy-latest-news-update-newest-update-1-01-causes-blurry-visuals-in-playstation-4-pro.htm)

GearNuke (http://gearnuke.com/world-final-fantasy-ps4-pro-suffers-poor-image-quality-patch-1-01/)

Neogaf (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1312485)

When can we expect a fix for this?

Thank you.

15th Nov 2016, 20:21
Thanks for brining this up OP, I can't even play it on my new PS4 Pro because it is severely blurry/pixelated when being used on a 1080p screen.

I don't know what they did but hopefully someone actually reads these threads and fixes it because I'd like to be able to play the game without it being messed up =(

It's fine on my wife's original PS4 but on the Pro it's a mess.

15th Nov 2016, 20:24
PlayStation 4 Pro
World of Final Fantasy joins the list of PS4 Pro supported games
- Surprise! World of Final Fantasy is the latest title to join the ever-growing list of titles supporting Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, due out today.

Um did they even try the game on the PS4 Pro? It's a complete blurry/pixelated mess when using the 1.01 patch at 1080p on the PS4 Pro. I'd really like to be able to get back into the game but in it's current state it's a massive downgrade for PS4 Pro owners. Hopefully the devs can actually be notified and a patch can fix this sooner rather than later =/

15th Nov 2016, 23:34
Yeah got my Pro last week but hadn't tried this game until this past Monday. Then I noticed how awful the DoF was. It be nice to get at least some confirmation that SE is looking into resolving this. I'm at the end game and refuse to play any more until this is fixed.

16th Nov 2016, 20:15
Yep, same issue here. The game is giving me some nasty headaches.... I love the game, but it's unplayable for me in it's current state.

16th Nov 2016, 20:17
It's unplayable for me in it's current state on Pro. I get horrible headaches trying to look at it (super blurry, pixely). I hope the dev team is at least aware of the issue and looking into it.

16th Nov 2016, 21:05
Glad to see some people look at this forum! It seemed pretty barren to me.

Sparkers, what confirmation did you find? I cannot find any sort of timeline for when/if a patch is coming for the game.

And yeah, I've resigned myself to grinding and leveling until things get fixed, I don't want to finish the game with it looking like this.

16th Nov 2016, 21:07
I created a thread to highlight the graphics issues that World of Final Fantasy has on the PS4 Pro.


Is there any information regarding when/if a patch is coming?

19th Nov 2016, 00:11
I just said it would be nice to get some acknowledgement. Not that said they would patch it. I'm disappointed we haven't heard squat yet.

22nd Nov 2016, 08:42

Have you contacted customer support concerning this issue? If not, make sure to inform them via this link (https://support.eu.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=14481&la=2).

22nd Nov 2016, 10:16

Just finished a chat session with customer support, "Square Enix is aware of the problem and the developers are currently working on a fix." i asked for an ETA and he said this "We don't have any time frame at the moment, I'm afraid."

at least now we know that they know and aware of the issue and that they are currently working on the fix finally, just needs a bit of patience which im fine with, FFXV coming out soon as well, will be busy with that for a while!

11th Dec 2016, 09:18
Still no update on a fix? Anyone heard anything about this? I realize it's not as big as FFXV but it still set me back $60.

11th Dec 2016, 09:26
This is what I said Gaf and I'll say it again here. This game was marketed and sold with a premium price tag, square Enix addressing the issue is not enough. Addressing a problem doesn't fix it. The game has been out long enough now that there isn't an excuse square can use anymore. If removing the latest patch fixes the issue, then releasing a patch to address the problem shouldn't take much time at all. Should have been done 2 weeks ago Tbh.

12th Dec 2016, 12:20
This is sad. Why is it so slow SquareEnix fixit their games!
Passed month! release of the game on the pro version
I had been able to finish the game, but I can not even start, because of poor quality :mad:

11th Jan 2017, 15:04
Hey everyone, looks like we're still waiting on a fix for this game. For those that do not know, there is a fix coming tomorrow for Japan, version 1.02 that apparently deals with the blurred graphics we see. Below are my sources.

The official announcement is here, in Japanese: http://www.jp.square-enix.com/WOFF/special/patch.html

And here is an English article: http://gematsu.com/2016/12/world-final-fantasy-patch-1-02-launches-january-12-japan

Hoping that we see this patch pushed to the English gamers relatively soon!

11th Jan 2017, 22:07
Correction! I live in the United States and my system received the 1.02 update.

I started to play the game and it looks fine! No more weird graphics blurring!

I only ran around the Plaza for a bit, so I cannot say the same for cutscenes, but even seeing the plaza in detail was very welcome, thank you Square!