View Full Version : Rise of the Tomb Raider, Reminent Resistance only ONE map?

13th Nov 2016, 15:44
Maybe I'm missing something but I've completed the game and Reminent Resisitance only has one single Map to play. There's different times of the Day but only one Map,Siberian Wilderness at that. Is this all we get? Or is there more coming? I can't Imagine them only including one map,it's pretty foolish. I love the game don't get me wrong,it's one of the best games I've ever played,I think better then Uncharted but one map,COME ON GUYSif you not gonna give us multiplayer at least give us all the Maps.

17th Nov 2016, 02:05
I think you mean cold darkness,the reminent resistance is maps created by the players for everyone to beat each others score and also create your own game with your chosen cards/mods,
Cold darkness is the zombie infected one where you can modd the level with your cards that you have in your deck or you have purchased previously in game with credits.
But i understand what you mean we need more maps in there theres only one on cold darkness i must of played it a hundred times but its fun with the big head cards haha