View Full Version : Iam stuck on Castle Doomsday 2 - (I think it's a mistake) - Mainly to Data

Tomb Raider Fan
13th Jul 2002, 14:39
Iam in the "Pentacle" room, I did the puzzle, Very hard i thought, but i did it. At this point i downloaded the walkthrough. I activated the jump switch and some music played and the door that locked me in the pentacle room now opened. On the room it

"This will open the exit door and open the door that originally closed, That led back out to the large hallway"

Sooo. does that meant has opened both of the doors, Because when i went back the nearest door to the large hallway was still closed!?!?!? Is this a mistake? or iam i reading summert wrong?

Tomb Raider Fan
13th Jul 2002, 14:47
Sorry I apoligise, It wasn't a mistake it's me, Iam crap at tomb. sorry.

Iam enjoying this level, Data you better make a CD3 ;)

13th Jul 2002, 15:29
I guess you discovered it was referring to the large door and not the small door :D , I apologise if this was not clear, however I am glad you found your way. :)

Tomb Raider Fan
13th Jul 2002, 15:59
Brilliant, Pure Brilliant. Best game of the uyear in my opinion. The sounds are fantastics and the spookyness and enemies are just great and scary. I will promise you i give a good rating at mprager.de (http://www.mprager.de) and laras-levelbase (http://www.laras-levelbase.org)

10 out of 10

ps......Will you be putting the Wad and PRJ files up for download like you did with Castle Doomsday one?