View Full Version : Add-ons not showing in marketplace (Xbox 360)

12th Nov 2016, 13:01
I recently bought the season pass for rise of the tomb raider, I managed to download the Baba Yaga dlc with it, but didn't have space on my usb to download the rest at that time. After completing Baba Yaga and clearing some extra space on my usb, I went back to the marketplace to download the rest, but now nothing shows in the add-ons section, so can't access any of the season pass content! Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

13th Nov 2016, 03:13
Hmmm try going on your download history, maybe that will work?

14th Nov 2016, 23:35
Not sure where the download history would be, but if I go to games on the x-box, and search for tomb raider season pass, it tells me I already own it, but that I have to manage it from inside the game, but of course the add-ones section of marketplace is empty - just 4 empty squares, doesn't even show me an option to buy the season pass, never mind manage it. :(

16th Nov 2016, 21:32
I just tried it again tonight and they all show up now, so I downloaded them all while I had the chance. I guess it was just a server glitch or something similar, but it did last for several days. Anyway, all's well that ends well. :). Thanks for the help.