View Full Version : Sleeping Dogs performance on PS4 Pro

11th Nov 2016, 05:35
Hi everybody!

I'm on the fence about getting a PS4 Pro, since it promises some interesting things about enhancing some of the games performance a bit. My experience with Sleeping Dogs on a regular PS4 has been far from perfect, specially in terms of frame rate and since the game will now stay the way it is forever, I'd like to know from those of you who are playing it on PS4 Pro if the boosted processing power does away with nuisances like frame rate drops and screen tearing. If they're still there in the updated hardware, I see no point in upgrading my PS4 and I'll probably end up selling my copy, since I have not been getting the experience the game should have given in the first place, specially when games with better graphics run much better on a normal PS4.

Any input on the subject will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy gaming!

13th Nov 2016, 02:19
Since Deus Ex, Mankind Divided is having serious trouble running on PS4 Pro, I highly doubt SD will fare any better...


7th Jan 2017, 00:18
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided had an update that improved PS4 Pro performance though (according to Digital Foundry).