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Power reaver
13th Jul 2002, 04:52
Hi guys , I need help for my Hist project on causes and concequences of World War 2 , along with the formation of the UN . I need about 20 big pages min ready by day after tomorrow along with cool pics .

Can anyone help me out by pointing me towards the right site ?

13th Jul 2002, 04:59
Start at Historychannel.com... From there, you should be able to find anything you need. If not, try a search on WWII over at Dogpile.com. If dogpile can't come up with it, it just doesn't exist.

How narrow is this project? Causes and consequences of the WHOLE WAR? Jeesh... there's a hole with no bottom. Can you focus it more, like to Operation Overlord or the Manhattan Project? It'd be much easier to help then.


Power reaver
13th Jul 2002, 05:27
The project isnt very much in detail , only all the main stuff that will fit a max of 27 X 25 lines max of a jornal with a 22 X 15.5 cm page (the page is bigger but Iam measuring by the borders) .

13th Jul 2002, 05:30

13th Jul 2002, 08:46
To do this properly, you will need to talk a little about WWI, and how things at the end of WWI were left very open-ended(huge amount of stuff there); you can discuss how WWII helped make the world a smaller place-just as in the Crusades people were uprooted and exposed to new ideas, so too did this happen both during, and after the war was over-think of how the different cultures reacted to this (Think of it in simple terms, such as "Hitler-Stalin-Cold War-Military Intelligence-Internet -This board" kind of way...); it's really just such a huge project-huge and complex and it would take at least as long as a paper on "Why Rome Fell" to really get a total view of everything. Also, depending if you are focusing on the Pacific WWII or the European WWII will make a huge difference as well:Your teacher probably wants you to come at this from a "Pearl Harbor/America under attack/Nations of the World should band together" type of approach, given all the politics going on right now.

13th Jul 2002, 23:08
As I recall, the last great "why Rome fell" took eight volumes or so... ;)