View Full Version : Elle Side Quest 3 -- Find the Ill Man -- Doesn't complete

2nd Nov 2016, 18:31
I am just on Chapter 2. I have completed Elle's quest 2 -- Build a sickroom. Without changing anything else. Walking straight to Nosh (the Ill man), picking him up, and carrying him back to the Sickroom, and laying him down on either bed.

Elle doesn't register it. I don't get a prompt to give him healing pouch. I'm stuck and can't move on. Killing me. I've started it over 3 times with the sickroom in different spots. Any suggestions welcome!!!

2nd Nov 2016, 21:06
I believe you have to heal Nosh with the medicinal herbs for that quest to be registered as completed.
When you're in the sickroom, does it show you the room's name and its points? If it does, i have no idea what's not working, sorry. If not, make sure the sickroom is fully inside the town area (its lighter and the music is nicer).

4th Nov 2016, 12:44
Thanks Slime_fan. That was it. The room registered for completion of her 2nd quest, but was outside the "Town Area".