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13th Jul 2002, 03:52
I wanted to retexture the falling block in my wad, so I isolated it from my wad (so I had a wad with only a falling block item). I used Strpix to retexture, and I put the falling block back in the original wad. When I use the object in the game, Lara's left thigh is sticking out of the block!
When I try to retexture the falling block in the original wad (without isolating it) there is no problem.

Did I do anything wrong (with the isolating thing) or is this normal. (I would like to isolate things so it's easier to retexture, since you have all the textures at your disposal and you don't have to search for them and maybe miss one or two)

13th Jul 2002, 05:04
Adding to a WAD can cause lots of problems.

It happens to me a lot.

the best thing to do, it to retexture directly within the WAD. You run the risk of corrupting the WAD, but it's the most reliable way.

Or just use TRviewer, to make changes directly to the tr4 file.

13th Jul 2002, 13:42
I didn't add a wad, I just added an object.

Guess I'll have to retexture inside the wad then. Thanks for the reply! :)

13th Jul 2002, 17:49
I run into all sorts of problems when i try to add an object or movable to a WAD.

When i add Crossbow_item, the crossbow turns into a flashlight. When i add uzi_holsters, it turns into a skeleton pelvis.
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