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13th Jul 2002, 03:47
As this is my 1st posting in this forum, I'd like to say thanks to all of you, who gave me many, many hours of FM-Fun and frenzy.

My problem is that I've been playing Christine's latest mission "Revenge" all night long, have all tasks fulfilled, enough loot etc. But where the hell is the key to the side-entrance near the main gate. I can't finish this level, so I'm stuck just before meeting Leon.

Please, give me a hint.

Greetings, TautriaDelta.

13th Jul 2002, 04:36
Welcome to the forum, TautriaDelta!

It's hard to just give a hint for this, so I'll just tell you. Highlight here: <font style="color:white;background-color:white"> Lady Helena has it.</font>

13th Jul 2002, 15:23
Thank you.

It's always kind of funny how things are lying around so obviously when I'm told where to look for them.

15th Jul 2002, 14:07
I have another question about this same mission. I opened the gate to Lady ??? (I forget her name - the woman you have to kill:))'s place with a broadhead. But now I'm stuck - the gates and doors are all closed and locked. :( (I've been in the hotel, btw - was I supposed to find a key somewhere? :confused: )

15th Jul 2002, 15:02
One of the noblemen in the bar of the hotel has the key...:)

Keeper Collins
15th Jul 2002, 15:24
First of all I'd like to say,Welcome to the Form Tautria!And second of all,Cristen's new FM is done being translated from German to English already?Wow!That was fast!I need that FM and I need it now!Has it ben sent and submitted to Thief-The Circle.com yet so I can get a copy of it?I'd really like to see what her creative mind has done this time!

15th Jul 2002, 15:36
Hello Keeper Collins,

you can download it at Epithumia's Site (http://thief1.math.uh.edu/thief/missions) or at the German Dark Project Site (http://www.thief-darkproject.de) I hope you'll like it....:)

Hello TautriaDelta, welcome to the forum :)

15th Jul 2002, 15:42
The version that I downloaded is in English and has a release date of July 5 although I don't know when it might've actually appeared at the Thief download sites. I downloaded it a couple days ago from http://thief1.math.uh.edu/thief/missions/ and it is in English.

16th Jul 2002, 07:30
I made the translation on the 8th and it was released shortly after.

PS: I'm sure Christine packed both languages into one archive like she did with the first three. Your Thief.exe picks the right files automatically, which means that a French game crashes.

16th Jul 2002, 09:33
The version of Revenge comes with english and german text, darkloader will pick up the files automaticly. If you have the french version of the game, darkloader will pick up the english text. :)

16th Jul 2002, 16:07
Originally posted by ChristineS
One of the noblemen in the bar of the hotel has the key...:)

Thanx!! :)
I've got that done, and took care of Lady Helana, but can't find the sword. :(:(

16th Jul 2002, 16:21
@ THEThief

To find the sword, go in the libiary in Lady Helena's house. Search for a small lever, it will open a secret door. Go in, to open the picture you need the key from the cook, he's in the kitchen. Behind the picture is a lever, frob it and it will open a secret door. To open the chest, you need the feather, which is on a table nearby. In the chest you'll find the sword.
I hope you'll find it...:)

Keeper Collins
16th Jul 2002, 20:43
Cristen,I need to ask you a favor.There is a problem with my FM's and yea I can download and play them allright but I can only download them form a certian website.That website is Thief-The Circle.com.It's at TTLG.I'm sure you have heard of it becuse ur FM's were on that site so you must have subbmitted them to it.I'm sure u've heard of it.You see if I download FM's from any other site it will not let me play them and I don't know why.So,you see I can't download it from those sites you gave me or it woul'dnt work.Now,I'm sure either you or someone else you know is already in the process of submiiting it to Thief-The Circle.com.But if there not could you do what you did with your first 3 FM's and submit your new one to TTLG?I really whant to play this new FM cuz I can't wiat to see how good it is!Ya know,sometimes I think your FM's are even better then "The Inverted Manse"!Really,I do!

16th Jul 2002, 21:43
Hello Keeper Collins,

I have already submitted the mission to The Circle, like the other 3 fms, but I don't know how long it takes. :)