View Full Version : Why can't I log into apps with this account

31st Oct 2016, 22:37
ok so I just registered an account here and verified it - so why can I not use it to log in to anything else? Particularily mobile apps like the FF portal app and its customer support link. Whats up? Do I have to wait? Is my user name here NOT my SE ID? If not, then what the $%&# is my SE ID? I keep getting the message "ID or password is incorrect" and I KNOW it is not my password that I am inputting incorrectly. I have tried using email instead of SE ID and still the same message. Honestly, synching an account to multiple sites should not be this difficult for such a large company - why do I, the customer, have to waste my time trying to repeatedly log in and post questions on your forum about something that shouldn't be an issue? Pretty pathetic SE, not to mention your games are getting seriously boring now (for the love of god stop railroading your players into fighting in some grinding, cookie-cutter fashion, a la FF XIII. It's boring and drains the game of any creativity). Why? A thousand times why?