View Full Version : Need some actual help and not an automated answer for my pre-order.

31st Oct 2016, 17:09

So i pre-oredered the FFXV Collection edition.
I got the confirmation today and i saw a mistake. I probably forgot to change the shipping adress.
Now the problem is that there is nobody at home at the date of the shipping so nobody can recieve it.
It was supposed to be shipped to my adress in Norway, not in Sweden.

Hopefully someone here can actually give me a real answer to why. Id really appreciate any help regarding this issue.
Im guessing the item is not shipped yet? I asked this in the ticket but only got some automated answer to not being able to change anything. Doesnt help much.
So what should or can i do in my case? Let the item be sent back to you at SE, and ship it to me again or what?
The help ive gotten so is frankly, quite sad. Especially regarding the high price of the item.

3rd Apr 2017, 11:27
Can you post an update on this?
I'm currently awaiting a response from the store also.
Looking to guage how long I should expect to wait.
Thank you ��