View Full Version : Plea to the Development Team - Do not limit what you can put down in Free Play

31st Oct 2016, 16:55
What i like most about the Free Play setting is being creative and creating what i want. One of the main issues i am having with DQ builders is there are a number of things you are limited to. For example Signs, Item Display Stands and Equipment Display stands are all limited to 32.

I had wanted to build a museum of sorts and display the different armor, weapons, accessories etc. With the limit of 32 i wasn't even able to do all the weapons and armor, let alone shields and accessories. Please remove these limitations in your next update,

27th Dec 2016, 03:01
Agreed. I am in the process of building a massive castle. I nearly have the roof completed on what is to be the main building but I keep running into the message, "You can't place any more items here!" I have already placed several hundred-thousand blocks so I can't bring myself to believe that there is a limit to the number of blocks you can place. It also seems to only concern tiling blocks as I am able to place earth in the space in question. There is nothing in the way that would obstruct the tiling block but still it refuses to let me place it. It's a little distressing considering I am at 834 days elapsed, several hundred-thousand blocks placed as I mentioned earlier, and I have been playing nothing but this game since it was released (my backlog has grown several feet) whenever I am able (hooray for the things that get in the way of gaming.) It is frustrating to consider the possibility that I have wasted an immense amount of time constructing something I won't be able to finish because of some unseen limitations in Free Play.