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13th Jul 2002, 01:47
Well, all you taffers out there, <small>(I wonder why it is that Dayportians seem to think "Taffer" an enormous insult, yet we bandy the name back and forth like crazy)</small> it is time for yet another chapter in the "How Bad Can I Screw My Computer Up Before Heading Off to College" saga.

It all began when I started up a new e-mail account one time to send a friend a prank e-mail. This is why I am, and always will be, Pete Booger to whichever e-mail service it was (I forgot my password). This disgusting e-mail service then proceeded to send what can only be described as "scads" of spam-ish e-mails to my regular e-mail address. I have been deleting them for time out of mind, but a title grabbed my attention yesterday. "Here Is A Screen-Saver For You," it said, and so, imagining that I had once read (I have since found out that I did not) that .SCR files cannot install virii upon one's computer, I viewed the screen saver [scary music here], which was cheesy beyond belief, and deleted the e-mail.

After rebooting my computer later, I proceeded to find out that everything I wanted to run (except DOS-based programs) took an interminable amount of time and Ctrl-Alt-Deleted to a "program not responding" error. This included Windows Explorer, NortonAV and Juno (my e-mail program). I was scared to death, because although I have not dampered the enthusiasm of my resolution to get a CDR/W drive and back everything up, fulfilling that intention requires more money than I at present have...therefore I considered myself in danger of losing thousands of pages of typescript and a whole lot of work on a great many different, varied and generally complicated projects.

I then called a great number of computer shops in the surrounding area, received an equally large amount of answers, nearly all of them involving great amounts of money, and decided to try the one answer which I could do myself. I ran ScanDisk, which found a number of errors, and everything seemed fixed. Twenty minutes later, everything slowed to Postal Service speeds again, and I posted on the forum here from another computer. I was then directed by @m, a moderator at the Commandos forum, to got to Symantec's website and download the fix-this.com file for a virus called "Yaha". I did this, let it sit overnight scanning every one of hundreds of thousands of files on my computer, and woke up to find the computer running perfectly. I also woke up to find that ScanDisk had found a large number of files no longer needed (I never run ScanDisk, so this had not happened sooner), and I deleted them, solving the mystery of the hard disk space I had long suspected was disappearing, and regaining just over 8GB of stuff. I now know to empty the C:\_Restore folder every once in awhile, which I did not know before.

So in all actuality, I owe a large, heartfelt thank-you to the creator of the Yaha virus:

Thank you, Mr. Evil. Because of you I lost weight, got back 8+GB of hard disk space and improved my spiritual life - all in fifteen hours. If I ever need to do this again, I will come hunt you up and obtain more of your products for my enjoyment.

Perhaps I will meet him someday, and I can show my gratitude by pushing him off the fire escape we will be on, right in front of the fire truck that will be driving by. One can only hope.

<small>And I should note that the entire point of this epistle is to point out that I can now resume work on Lord Bumfrey's Mansion. Just so all you on Team Tiberius know.</small> :D

13th Jul 2002, 07:02
I love stories with a happy ending!

13th Jul 2002, 08:09
Cool Story!

It scares me to death when people say:
Hey look at this great screen saver I've just downloaded!

Thorin Oakenshield
13th Jul 2002, 09:22
I NEVER open any attachments with my email unless I know the taffer;) I also have Norton scan email automatically.
I just wish I could block the spam automatically too with Lookout distress:rolleyes:

I'm glad you've got it sorted, And more importantly you haven't sent it to me:D

13th Jul 2002, 13:24
Glad everything worked out for ya. NEVER open e-mail unless you know who it's from. I especially love those e-mails that say "murkman you're a winner" knowing damn well I haven't entered any kind of contest.

Thorin Oakenshield
13th Jul 2002, 18:28
Do you know what I'd love to do to those little baskets that write virus'.

I'd spread eagle them and tie them to a barn door. Then get some broadheads.....
...until they expire their last breath! :eek: :D :ebil: