View Full Version : Purpose of well; (ice climbing wall) in Valley Farmstead?

30th Oct 2016, 23:39
I've played through the game, (w/exception of Baba Yaga challenge) but have wondered about the purpose of the ice climbing wall inside the well, inside the Valley Farmstead.
I was hoping there'd be a cave that would exit by way of the well, but no such luck...yet (?)
I saw thread about someone diving into the well; KUDOS to that player!!!
Is there a cave that exits by way of the well??

31st Oct 2016, 14:43
If you dive into the well from the roof of the house near the well you'll unlock a trophy (achievement).
There's no cave that connected to the well.

31st Oct 2016, 17:07
Alrighty; gives me more game time.
Thank you TXGT-FFX!