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12th Jul 2002, 23:57
There are now 16 new Contest 3 Missions available for your FMing pleasure! Download them, play them, VOTE on them!!!

For interest's sake, here is a list, in no particular order, of the authors who submitted missions:

-William the Taffer

Have fun!

13th Jul 2002, 01:05
I get a 404 when trying to download the last mission, "Old Comrades, Old Debts".

13th Jul 2002, 01:18
This is terribly distressing. I'm trying to work my way patiently through all the FMs and then...voila' ! 16 more missions appear. I will not be able to finish all until 2008.....Komag, could you please slow down a bit ? :D

13th Jul 2002, 02:15
*taps fingers..........taps fingers* Waiting for new computer to arrive, having Thief withdrawls.......hep me....:( :eek: :D

13th Jul 2002, 03:21
Okie, I've done my first run through the missions. Some pretty cool ones in there! One thing, however--I can't get "Mind Master" to run! It just sits there with a black (not blank ^_^ -ed) screen.

13th Jul 2002, 06:35
I fixed the link for "Old Comrades..." and got from the author a fixed version of "Mind Master" (the game.sys file had been left out)

So, everyone please re-download "Mind Master" if you already downloaded it, so that you get the version that works, and you can now get "Old Comrades" too :) There are a couple other missions with objective problems, but other than that they all work fine as far as I know.

Hope you're all having fun with these, and go ahead and report any more troubles here.

13th Jul 2002, 07:37
Thanks for hosting the missions and organizing the contest, Komag. I am downloading them. Unfortunately, like BA, I can't play them yet. I am going tap-tap-tap, waiting for a computer part (a video card fan).

13th Jul 2002, 07:54
Yay! Thank you Komag! ^_^

14th Jul 2002, 06:13
16 more FMs.... WTG taffers... and good luck on the contest:D

Let the BJing begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14th Jul 2002, 07:14
When I start play for the "The Fireshadow's Barrow" FM, a message appears at the top of a black screen saying, "GayleSaver's custom scripts are required for this mission." Well, if the author doesn't provide all the files within his FM's .zip file then I won't be running it. The FM loads using Darkloader or I don't bother playing it. I'm not doing manual partial installs and then have to figure out how to restore Thief so it plays without the partial stuff.

I downloaded this FM today. I just redownloaded it before posting this message and still get the same prompt. I'll be deleting this one until a complete FM .zip file can be provided. The FM's comments also mention you need the custom scripts. But, again, if it doesn't install using Darkloader, I'm not bothering with it.

Why was it not possible for the author to include the scripts within their .zip file so players get a *complete* fan mission?

14th Jul 2002, 09:48
Vanguard, guess you missed the whole discussion regarding gaylesaver's custom scripts. The idea is that you get them from a few central locations, install them, then never think of it again. They don't interfere with anything else and don't need to ever be uninstalled. They simply supply a lot more tools to designers. I hope you don't let this really stop you from playing the mission or voting in the contest :)


just unzip it to your main Thief 2 directory and forget about it :)

14th Jul 2002, 13:14
COOL ....way to go you DromEd taffers and thanks. Just DL'd 4 of the smaller ones to get started.

???RE the custom script thing. I put it in my thief 2 folder and extracted the zip. I now have an extraced folder along with the original zip folder under T2. Do I leave the zipped version there? Do I toss it? Or does it just not matter? Thanks


14th Jul 2002, 17:27
The whole discussion [regarding custom scripts]? Was this in the old forum (now gone)? Or in a TTLG forum?

I've seen several FMs that require you manually install them, especially the ones that were "demos" (whether they were labelled as such or not). The problem is that Thief periodically requires a reinstall to get it completely working again. This isn't just me but seems to happen to everyone eventually. After installing, I zip up a copy of the newly installed folder for the fresh copy of Thief. Then when I need to reinstall, I delete the current folder and unzip the archive file to recreate it - just like it was new. I'm not going to pollute this "new install" archive since the point is to simply save me the time of having to reinstall it from CD. I don't want anything in the .zip file that is different from the normal install since anything added or changed might've been the cause of the problem, including even editing the .ini files. In creating this .zip file copy of a fresh install of Thief, I did find that WinZip can generate invalid CRC values. On extraction, WinZip will complain the CRC doesn't match but if you force it to extract then the file it is okay, anyway. I switched to PKZip (which is also twice as fast to compress/uncompress files at the high compression level).

I probably play maybe a couple dozen FMs before having to reinstall Thief (from the .zip file copy). I don't want to "reinstall" Thief from a polluted copy. And I don't want to have to remember to install "extras" after restoring the clean copy of Thief to get some FMs working. If these script files can install in Thief without supposedly interferring with it or other FMs, why aren't they included in the FM's .zip file to install and uninstall when switching between FMs? We've got FMs that are 300MB+ big. How much do the scripts add to the .zip file size? And how can you guarantee that the script files won't screw up another FM or Thief itself since it would be possible that another FM might also use the same file names in its .zip file which then step on the older custom script files so those FMs won't work anymore?

I made a decision awhile back that if the FM doesn't install and uninstall with Darkloader that I won't play with it. Perhaps if I get a lot of free time and no new FMs show up for a long time then maybe I'll consider having to track manual installs. I don't even install dromed in my play copy of Thief - and dromed was provided by the software author; I make a copy of the Thief folder and run dromed from there.

14th Jul 2002, 17:37
I agree with Vanguard. These 80kb should have been part of the mission zip file.

I installed that script thing manually, and I can't say that I am happy with this solution. However, my Darkloader-Thief II was acting up since CL anyway (my movement speed is slowed down dramatically, and now it does not play the movies again anymore...), so I think a fresh install for the Darkloader Thief is in order anyway.

I keep it just like you, Vanguard. A Thief for playing, a Thief for dromeding. I even separate the FM Thief from the OM Thief, but maybe I will reconsider that, as my HD space gets small now.

14th Jul 2002, 21:10
I'll try to answer a few things if I can

-First of all, now that I think about it, I think much of this discussion was over at TTLG and I just forgot that it wasn't here.
-Gaylesaver made the custom scripts
-They are not ordinary stuff
-There are a couple reasons why they are not included in every fm.zip
-One is that Darkloader has trouble handling eith the dll or the osm (can't remember which). I think (IIRC) this is directly on purpose due to the second reason...
-The second is that normally all fm.zip's only contain benign files that cannot do any harm because they are not .dlls or .osms, but dlls or osms could potentially be fake and be viruses or something. So some a$$hole bastard could make a little fan mission and release it to us containing a "fake" custom scripts dll and osm and screw us over. Due to this (unlikely) possibility, Gaylesaver opted to have the scripts only available from a few key central locations which are known and trusted, so when you get the script package from Cheap Missions you know Jason and you know he's not going to slap you with a virus, so you're safe. If the scripts were just allowed to be included in every fm.zip that used them, then we'd be potentially vulnerable to bastard-attack.
-The custom scripts do not interfere in any way with older scripts or with any other FM or OM in any way. I don't know how to prove that, but it's true.
-I don't know why you have to reinstall Thief so often, I've NEVER done it, ever, not even once. I'm using the same install that I made years ago. But I believe you that you need to, and I understand the desire to have a pure install readily available. Perhaps you could just keep the pure install.zip and the custom scripts.zip in the same backup folder, and then just unzip them both in succession when you do a reinstall. But I also think you could add in the two custom script files right into your main backup.zip, and that it wouldn't be contaminating it, but it sounds like you just don't want to do that, and I respect that.

So then, if we try to reach a solution to all this, we have a few options I think.

1. You continue the way you have been and keep to the rule of only playing an FM if Darkloader can run it, NO MANUAL INSTALLING of anything. In this (default) case, you will just have to miss out on any missions that use the custom scripts.

2. You could do mostly the way you have been, but include the custom script files into your main backup.zip, so that they too are reinstalled every time you do a fresh reinstall.

3. You could do mostly the way you have been, but every time you do a reinstall you also reinstall the custom script files.

4. The community decides to allow custom script files in the fm.zips (and Darkloader is updated to handle those files). We take a little chance of getting corrupt files from some jerk, but we just trust that that won't happen and that we all are nice and good and won't virus-slap each other. Then you could play those missions because they would be fully handled by Darkloader.

I think that #4 may indeed happen if enough people don't want the bother of having to get the custom script package and install it. But I would think that you might be more likely to not want to take that chance of getting untrustworthy files. Do virus scanners scan .zip file contents as well? If so then perhaps the #4 option isn't so risky as it might be otherwise.

100% I'm not trying to prove my side or anything, just trying to make more understanding of the situation and also find a better solution if we can :) Let me know

15th Jul 2002, 00:55

I've only played 3 of them so far....but I just gotta say that Deceptive Perception is going to be hard to beat! Fantastic!!
I haven't been that freaked out since my first run through RTC. ...and it may even be more freaky than RTC!! :eek:


15th Jul 2002, 08:44
Yes! Deceptive Perceptions was the most enjoyable in the first time through for sure. It had me chuckling at first, and screaming in the end. :D

Contrary to RTC, it loses a lot of the fun factor though on replays. :( I will replay all of them at least one more time (or more often for the ties for the first spots) before I decide. :)

15th Jul 2002, 15:54
From Komag's prior comments, am I to understand that .osm files may contain scripts? If so, wouldn't these still have to be executed by the game engine (i.e., the game engine is the interpreter and defines the extent of a script command)? I thought someone from Ion Storm once visited here and told us that scripts do not run outside the game engine's environment so they cannot cause us harm.

Also, there ARE fan missions with .osm files. And if .osm files contain scripts then there are FMs with scripts in them. I did a search through the 229 .zip files for T1 and T2 FMs that I have and found the following have .osm files in them:

Hallucinations (cl.osm)
Calendras Legacy (cl.osm & script.osm)
Unforgiven (convict.osm)
Lorgans Web (convict.osm)

15th Jul 2002, 17:05
Thanks KoMaG :) Downloaded, but haven't had time to play yet (Damn that Warcraft 3 ;) :D )

Vanguard, IIRC, the OSM's are just DLL's with a new extension. And before you completely believe all of my BS ;) the only thing I know about DLL's are from reading the scripting issue at TTLG. For some fun and interesting (not to mention a few petty ) comments, do a search over there for custom scripts and read some of those threads.

But to answer questions, the osm's do contain scripts called by the Dark Engine. Convict.osm and gen.osm are the two main ones for T2, and convict.osm for T1. I am assuming that Unforgivin and Lorgan's Web just accidentally zipped up the convict when doing the finishing touches. As for the other two, maybe GayleSaver was kind enough to make some custom scripts for Purah and frobber???

For a brief history, GayleSaver "cracked" the osm code using it's debug info. He messed with it for a loooonnnggg time. I seem to remember him saying he has released his findings to a few people, and Totality is one that springs to mind. I think only Totality and GayleSaver are the only two to have made a custom script so far (Could be wrong here, but I don't think it's been more than 3 people).

A lot of complaining was going on about him not release source code to the public, but for a few reasons he has opted not to. Legal issues (right now, if anything happens, it is all on him) and this is why they are only available from a few trusted sources, and the slim possibilty that some idiot would put a virus in one of them. And the fact that if every yahoo could program there own scripts, there would be a hundred different scripts that would need downloading. Of course, designers could then zip it up with there missions, but if someone only half assed knows how to code, could it possibly make file sizes too big?

KoMaG, Most virus scanners do offer the option of scanning zips, and some even let you specify how deep into the file structure of the zip that you want it to scan.

[speculation] But, if someone coded a virus to run as a script from the osm file, it wouldn't have the virus signature. And they could set up the script to run in an FM, and so you wouldn't know you had a virus until you played this FM and it hosed your PC [/specultaion]

My two cents, is the custom osm's are great for designers, and a minor inconvenience for players (I mean, you downloaded Darkloader to be able to play, what's downloading one script to play a few more? )

15th Jul 2002, 18:30
Maybe it was the .dll file then that is potentially more dangerous.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one other consequence of option 1, the option where some players stay clear of any manual installations and thus don't install the custom scripts and thus don't play those missions - if a lot of players do this then that would entice me maybe to avoid using custom scripts as an author, because I would want everyone to play my missions. The thing is, many of those scripts are nice and useful, so it'd be a shame to have to avoid them I think.

15th Jul 2002, 22:12
Thanks, Komag! Like Clayman, there are many FMs I have yet to play, but contest FMs go straight to the top of the list. Don't want to miss the voting deadline! :D

15th Jul 2002, 23:26
I've been playing a few of the smaller contest FM's while waiting for the free time to dl the larger ones on my dial-up connection. I had a problem with the Golden Skull of Lord Frobb. I got to the first open area & the screen suddenly got blurry & then Thief crashed to desktop. After that, I couldn't get the FM to run again. I installed a different FM using Darkloader & it ran fine (I haven't yet gone back to try Lord Frobb again). Has anyone else had this problem?

16th Jul 2002, 08:10
I also got the fluttering hall-o-mirrors shearing effect in the Golden Skull of Lord Frobb. It occurred at one particular spot all the time: in the only room, in the corner by the haunt in the corner, when looking or leaning past the pillar. If you let the flutter continue long enough, the game hangs.

I've noticed a couple of the contest FMs will crash the game on a reload of a saved game. This was one of the FMs with this bug. I don't know if this is caused by different patch levels; i.e., playing the FM using a version of T2 with the patch but the FM was built using T2 without the patch.

16th Jul 2002, 15:47
I tried King Whatchadinki's Tomb...but I don't have any objectives. :(
I just wandered all over and picked up all the Talismans.....killed everybody.....but still don't know what I was supposed to be doing? Are there supposed to be objectives?

Also in Mind Masters.....He keeps saying multiple things at the same time and I can't understand him. I'm pretty sure I solved it once....but nothing happened. Is anything supposed to happen?

16th Jul 2002, 16:58
Actually, Vanguard, the "hall of mirrors" effect is even more specific than that. If, when standing by the haunt in the corner, I turn to the right towards the middle of the room I get the effect. If I turn towards the left, though, it doesn't seem to occur!

I did go back & finish the mission--it's pretty simple & I was able to run through it at full speed in 27 seconds!!

17th Jul 2002, 19:41
I had the same problem the first time through.... no objectives appeared but I completed the mission without really knowing what to do... then I reloaded to play again 'cuz I was short on loot and this time the objectives appeared... only problem was no matter how much I scoured the tomb I could only find 810/950 so I quit looking and grabbed the last talisman but this time the mission didn't end so I continued looking for that other 140 in loot.... never found it:(

I got that "hall of mirror" effect too heh

QUESTION.... I'm playing the missions in order.. just read the info for "Deceptive Perception" and noticed the author says...

****For best results, play the mission as though it's real, no saving or cheating.

I understand the pretend it's real and no saving part... but I don't get the no cheating thingy... color me dumb but how would one cheat?

LOL just played it.... went from giggles to goosebumps in less than 7 mins... excellent idea not to save... made it even better than if you did:D


17th Jul 2002, 20:33
Deceptive Perception is cool--so far the coolest of the contest FM's, but I've played less than half of them. Had this been a full-size FM I'd have been kinda disappointed, but given the constraints of contests & the fact that people will most likely be playing these one after another, this is a great mission.

17th Jul 2002, 21:10
I can't even get into the bank... well I can through the secret entrance and the "get into the bank" objective checks off but if the passageway closes I'm stuck in there and can't get out...

I've spent more time trying to find a way in than I've spent on the last 4 missions combined:eek:

I'm going on to the next one until someone gives me a hint 'cuz I'm concerned it may be a glitch and I'm wasting my time or I'm just a n00b:D


17th Jul 2002, 23:01
I just finished it and never got the message Vanguard did about needing to DL "GayleSaver's custom scripts".... I figured after reading all the whoopla about it I'd DL them so I could play ALL the FM's and vote... I've never done a special DL for those scripts... anyone know why I didn't have to and others do????

BTW.. the mission was well worth playing and certinely has a shot at winning high marks...

Side note... I've never reinstalled any of my Thief games and have played about 140 FMs on top of T2 and TG... knock on wood:D


18th Jul 2002, 03:06
Hi, Speedy. Did you ever figure out Eastwater Bank? I got stuck at exactly the same place and had to get a bit of help. It's REALLY hard to see. <font style="color:white;background-color:white"> There's a tiny little lever in the corner waaaaay up by the ceiling. Climb the ladder, turn around to face the direction of the door you entered by and check the left corner across from you. </font>

18th Jul 2002, 03:40
I never had any problems with the Golden Skull, but then again I just literally ran through it and didn't have to do anything else.

IMO there are some huge stand-out missions, and the rest are duds. No in-betweens or just "ok" missions. The stand-outs are awesome though!

18th Jul 2002, 05:25
I never would have seen that tiny lever... it doesn't light up unless you jump towards it just right.... took me 4 or 5 jumps to light it up and frob it at the right time..

The mission's a good one... I've done everything but find the combination... I got the hint and have "a small key" but I'm getting crosseyed trying to find the secret hiding place... gonna quit for the night:D

I played 6 of the contest FMs today... completed one of them in 1 min 7 secs heh.... I agree with ChangelingJane... there are some standout ones and it will be hard to pick a fav:p

The beer run is fun... AKA "The Keepers Are Thristy".. again I got everything done but still can't open the fridge... I've played it from scratch 4 times and would swear I flipped all the levers... the note in the top floor mini vault doesn't have anything written on it... I was really bummed about that:rolleyes:

Oh well... the rules don't include finishing them if you can't.. it would just be nice if I could... and I know the authors are biting their tongues trying not to post some help for fear we'll know it's theirs heheheheh


18th Jul 2002, 08:33
Location of vault combination:

<font style="color:blue;background-color:blue">- First floor (lobby) but take elevator to teller's side.
- All the way around the teller's side to the table at the end.
- Crouch.
- Press left against the wall and peer around the leftside of the table close to the wall.
- Another tiny, tiny switch!</font>

18th Jul 2002, 08:49
I must admit that I had a very hard time in the Eastwater Bank... I did not even make it into the elevators (or rather, the bars were still closed.) :(

First, I was stuck where everybody else was (after the first "found secret", stuck in the narrow and dark wall, unable to see the tiny switch in the ceiling), then, well... I could not find a lot more of things, and I ran out of patience. :(

I jumped over the balcony railing into one of the office rooms, inside I found a tiny switch in some spot.

I think I should give it another try...

18th Jul 2002, 18:41
The elevator gates are opened in what looks like a closet marked "Control Room" on the 3rd floor where are the president and vice president offices.

18th Jul 2002, 21:26
Hey, I just thought of another possible solution to the custom scripts problem - they could be included in every future version of Darkloader! That way when you install Darkloader the scripts are already there and you don't have to get them separately :)

19th Jul 2002, 01:19
That's a very good idea Komag!

19th Jul 2002, 05:31
That ought to take care of Eastwater for me...... now about those levers in TKAT:D

Has anyone got the fridge open? If not maybe we could compare notes.... we could start with how many levers we've found on each level?!?!?!?:confused:


30th Jul 2002, 18:52
Did you get it Komag?

I used the system here on the forums by going to your profile and using the link there to send an email.... but I have no record that it was sent or received heh..... just checking:D


30th Jul 2002, 19:53
Yup, got 'em

And everyone else, get your votes in! You have about two weeks left :)

31st Jul 2002, 02:19

I got all the levers and opened the fridge. I have no idea how many are on each floor. That's one of the hard parts about the mission. You flip a few at random when you start, not realizing what they are for, and you lose track. Most were in plain sight, albeit from ceiling to floor and everywhere in between. I can think of four that were not obvious:


(1) behind a small red banner, first floor.
(2) inside a locked wall safe, second floor
(3) in a hallway "to the left", off the beaten track, 2nd floor.
(4) on top of a beam, third floor.
Good luck.:)

31st Jul 2002, 07:41
Any of the files with Anon as the aurthor, I get 404 errors when trying to download. All the others work just fine.

any ideas?


31st Jul 2002, 12:08
Scroll down below to the "July 18th News Update" and you'll find 2 links to download the missions from. :)

31st Jul 2002, 18:20
Good luck to all the participants and thank you for the 16 wonderful FMs.. I enjoyed them all... Props to Komag for hosting another contest.. I know the community appreciates all your hard work:D


I was able to complete TKAT... I just kept plugging away heh had to you know!!!! The only mission I was unable to get to end was "After The Party" but that's 'cuz I BJed everyone (as usual) and I think if you don't ghost it it won't end????

In fact here's some of my stats for ALL the missions with a few comments incase the authors are interested...

Deceptive Perception… 6 mins 12 secs… went from giggles to gasps in no time:eek:

Mind Match… 3mins 34 secs… fun... had to reload 3 times before I understood how to play the game but finally got the hang of it and actually won!!

Dedicated to TTLG… 2 mins.. the fishie was a friendly little guy heheheh

Night’s Recourse… 4mins 25secs… wish there had been a scarey catagory!!

After The party… 15:25 1035/1135 BJed all the guards perhaps why the mission wouldn’t complete:confused:

Breaking And Entering… 5 mins. 44 secs. gotta love those apes...

Old Comrades Old Debts… 20 mins… 40 secs.. 0/140 I know the loot had to be in the chest in the attic but I just couldn't get it*sigh*

The Fireshadow’s Barrow... 31 mins. 1635/1655 Had lots of problems getting through the revolving doors but that's what made the mission such a challenge!!

Eastwater Bank… 52mins 54secs 2085/2085 loot… needed help twice to complete… very tricky but fun!

Thief2-CTF… pie… 9mins… 1140/1612… bear… 7mins 1309/1612… beer 5mins 12 secs 1309/1612… I liked how the objectives changed with the levels... not sure how I got away with the extra 12 secs on the beer run???? Just couldn't shave them off :rolleyes:heh

First City Bank and Trust Annex… 16mins… 46secs… 5066/5126 Love those bank vaults and mechanical guards!!

The Keepser Are Thristy… 28 mins 58 secs… 350/750 loot.. and I thought finding the levers was hard!!! Where was that extra 400 in loot????

Akhenaten’s Tomb… 6 mins. 4 secs. 810/950… I thought the music & mummy sounds were great... excelent place for spiders too:)

The Golden Skull Of Lord Frobb… 1 min 7 secs…To dark for me to really explore so I just grabbed and ran:p

Sand Bridge Jail… 8mins 10secs... Ghosted this one.... pretty proud of myself.

Underground Escape… 14mins. 13secs. 1340/1460 This was the only mission I was able to complete without reloading.. that was fun!

Like I told Komag in my email.... I found it very difficult to vote and spent more time trying to be fair than actually playing the missions LOL…

IMHO anyone who takes the time and puts the effort into building a mission deserves a hearty pat on the back.... so everyone give yourself a pat and thanks for letting me play!!!!!:D


31st Jul 2002, 19:01
It sounds like you had fun with the missions, Speedy! You can finish After the Party when you BJ everyone. Maybe you didn't find all the loot? Some of it's pretty well hidden. I still have to replay my favourites before I can vote. :)

1st Aug 2002, 10:59
Did you receive my email with the votes, Komag? Just making sure my ISP's mail service is working. :)

1st Aug 2002, 14:31
Komag, I sent you my votes a few days ago (I could start Outlook Express, go to sent, and find out exactly when, but I'm too lazy:p); if you didn't get them, please let me know, so I can resend them.

Speedy, I sent KoMaG some notes about some of the missions, in case he passes comments on to the authors, or whatever. :p I might as well post them here (they're not anything that I really wanted to keep anonymous, like "Hey, buddy, you're mission stinks - you call yourself a Dromeder?? HUH!! Why, just to show you how pitiful you are, I'm going to tell you a secret - you're almost as bad as me!!!" or something really insulting, like, "HAHAHAHA! I'll bet I could do a better job" - in which case the author would have hated me for life. ;)). :D


Mind Master: A cool idea, although not really Thiefy - but very cool and original; and the surrounding building was really, really well done!! :-)
Akhenaton's Tomb: Very well done, cool story line (OK, I'm an Egypt freak:-D)...but the objectives weren't there. :-o
Old Comrades, Old Debts: This was a really, really awesome mission!! :-) Very well done!!
Night's Recourse: I love this mission - very humorous, really cool!! :-)
Thief 2-CTF: Very nicely done mission...the time limits don't seem to work, though... :-(
Breaking and Entering: Very well done, but very short
Deceptive Perception: What can I say? AWESOME - scared the taff out of me the first time through!! I hope the author makes a follow up mission!! :-)
After the Party: Very basic, but extremely well done, Thief mission - thumbs up!!

Some other notes, that I didn't send, are these:

Deceptive Perceptions - yes, I know I mentioned this before, but I felt I had to again...it was SO well done!!

Night's Recourse was really cool - I don't know why, but I just really liked this one. :cool:

First City Bank And Trust - this mission drove me batty the first time I played it, because it wasn't working right; a restarted computer later, however, I was singing a different tune (well, in my case that would be scaring the neighborhood cats, with my horrific 'singing':p) *Ahem* Where were we now? Ahhh yes...

Eastwater Bank - I had ALOT of trouble with this mission, and didn't get far at all. But, from what I saw, it was really nice - I just wish the author had made it a little easier...:D

The Keepers Are Thirsty - at first, I thought the title meant bloodthirsty - LOL; anyways, for that reason, I found the mission funny - not the mission itself, but my totally different guess as to what it would be about, and what it actually was about. :p

The Golden Skull of Lord Frob - very short, no text for the objectives, and VERY dark; nevertheless, I give the maker TWO THUMBS UP for effort, and hope he or she will make more missions in the future (but I hope he/she remembers to increase the lighting:p)

Deceptive Perceptions - yes, this is the last time, I promise. :D

BTW, on an off-topic for my post, but an on-topic for the thread...did some of you taffers actually get the objectives to work on Ankhenaton's Tomb? I tried, and tried - quite a few restarts, I'm afraid - but no go. :(

1st Aug 2002, 15:07
Yes, the objectives worked for me in Akhenaton's Tomb. They weren't there are the beginning, but appeared when I picked up the first Talisman. I finished the mission with no problems (except finding the Keeper Artifact, which was a little too well hidden, but I did finally get it.) :)

1st Aug 2002, 18:41
I had the same probs with Akhenaton's Tomb objectives being displayed (I think everyone did) I never was able to find the Keeper's Artifact... I have a sneaky suspicision it has something to do with the gong on the lowest level... I tried all combinations of gonging it with fire arrows, water arrows, zombie parts, my own head hehehe etc. but never could find the final objective on Expert and was short 75 in loot if I remember correctly.... bummer!!!


1st Aug 2002, 20:30
All the loot is there, but some of it is tough to find and the Keeper Artifact is in the hallway outside the room with the gong. There's a little hole in the wall, just above eye-level. When you go down the stairs to that level, turn right, then right and the hole is on the right hand wall very near the corner. :)

I could probably make up a loot list if you want it.

1st Aug 2002, 21:42
Thanks NW I'll take another look see for the Keeper's Artifact.. don't bother about the loot list I appreciate your offer but it's not necessary... I don't want to take advantage of you over a few trinkets... I'd much rather call on your expertise when I'm really stuck in the future like I've done soooooooo many times in the past :D


2nd Aug 2002, 19:19
I haven’t played them all yet but I must admit the quality of these FMs are fantastic! Well done to all of the authors!

‘Mind Master’ must be the most complicated FM I’ve ever saw!! Technically absolutely superb! Just look in DromEd to see how much work went into this FM!!

‘Deceptive Perception’ So good! I hope we see a bigger version of this. And no I didn’t jump once honest ;)

‘Night's Recourse’ couldn’t stop laughing while playing this so, so very cool!

‘Thief 2-CTF’ This one also made my LOL! L33T B33R I ask ya :) liked the 3 difficulty levels!

Back to playing the rest!

2nd Aug 2002, 23:09
Originally posted by RiCh
‘Mind Master’ must be the most complicated FM I’ve ever saw!! Technically absolutely superb! Just look in DromEd to see how much work went into this FM!!

Yea, this FM creator was a genius!! :)