View Full Version : 20 years on, the Tomb Raider story told by the people who were there

27th Oct 2016, 14:36

Some highlights:

"Gard spent countless hours nailing Lara's animations, and sometimes he'd add new moves without telling his fellow developers. Gard added Lara's famous handstand move - more of an Easter egg than a useful ability - without telling the development team in the hope that they'd discover it for themselves. They did."

"Tomb Raider 5 was effectively a load of old ****. That was the most depressing one for us. We were effectively just doing that for a paycheck because no other team wanted to take it on. So we had to do it, basically. By that time it had taken its toll. Three years of hammering it, and we were burnt out. That shows in the product."

" But perhaps Eidos, with dollar signs in the eyes of its shareholders, got too greedy. Heath-Smith remembers a meeting in America with Eidos executives who continued to ramp up sales expectations for the Tomb Raider games even when enthusiasm for the series had faltered - just to keep the City happy.

"Right, the numbers are down, the market's on its arse, Tomb Raider is coming out - we're just going to put another couple hundred thousand on the Tomb Raider number," Heath-Smith remembers of the conversation. "That will cover it. Suddenly Tomb Raider's got to sell six and a half million copies out of the shoot rather than the original three million it started at."

In that kind of environment, is it any wonder Tomb Raider ended up failing to hit sales expectations?"

28th Oct 2016, 00:04
That is one long article :eek:. I might have to read it in sections :p. But thanks for sharing.

28th Oct 2016, 07:51
It is worth the read!

30th Oct 2016, 00:19
Is that number legit or another example of lofty sales expectations? :scratch:

SE is known for those. They originally placed FFXV at 10 million copies just to break even (which they later came back and said wasn't accurate, but it goes to show you how much stock they put in their games selling).

PS, how you like my new sig? :D F Konami.

14th Nov 2016, 08:43
A VERY interesting read!!! :thumb:

17th Nov 2016, 22:35
Part of me feels sad all they cared about was the money and not making the games the best they could be, but then again they were working damn hard so I can't really blame them! When I read that they were at work until 3am my jaw dropped! Dedication, even if it was solely money driven!

19th Nov 2016, 14:29
They got too big, too quick. To go from a dozen to more than a dozen-dozen is incredibly risky without experienced management.

Also sounds like someone was sitting in his ivory office and not leading, to be honest. If you don't realise how the product is faring and how people aren't working together that late in the project, you've done something wrong.