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12th Jul 2002, 21:58
itz quite a kewl game...i haven't played it alot...my friends has it on ps one...so i will play it abit...
im only at the island, doing the seeD training.
what are the best GF's, weapons, and spells in the game???

12th Jul 2002, 23:20
The strongest GF is Eden, with a long animationsequence, in which you will be able to boost it to the maximum. It will cause more than 9999 dmg each time (about 13000 if I'm right).

And the rest...I wouldnt know :)

12th Jul 2002, 23:41
You can forget about weapons.....each character has about 6, except for Squall how has 8, I believe, and it's kinda hard to switch back and forth. Not that you would want to. The way they did the magic system doesn't require the old item system of armor and weapons. It's all about Draw Magic. As for the GF's.....they are more useful as Junctions than as Summons in most cases if you draw a lot, it won't take long before the party deals more Damage than the Summons.

Zell's limit break is probalby the most fun, Squall only has 4 limit breaks, which only get added when you make new weapons. Quistis has the most powerful Limit breaks.

It's more challenging to keep the GF's Junctioned to the same character threw the whole game, don't swap, not even when Characters leave. And don't draw Magic from fights, find Draw points. But this is just me, if you like an easy game, Junction all the Gf's to your 3 player's. and try to keep the abilitys spread. Two GF's with the same Abilities (such as HP-J), doesn't make the character stronger....it's just a waste of a mirrored ability.

FF8 is Okay, but FF9 is better.

15th Jul 2002, 16:16
Being powerfull in FFVIII is all about Sqaull, Str +20%, Darkside, R1 and some good magic junktioned to Str..

26th Jul 2002, 22:58
Eden is the best GF in the game you get him by drawing from Ultima Wepon at the Deep Sea Research Center(Island Closest to Hell.) He's a none elemental and he's starting level and hp is 30 and 4,786. During his video you can get to the 250 mark damage will go to about 35,000 points. The weapons would be:

Squall: Lion Heart Hit 255%(Gunblade)
Rinoa: Shooting Star Hit 107%(Blaster Edge)
Quistis: Save the Queen Hit 107%(Chain Whip)
Zell: Ehrgeiz Hit 103%(Glove)
Selphie: Strange Vision Hit 255%(Nunchaku)
Irvine: Exeter Hit 115%(Gun)

As for magic I would have to say Ultima. I may be wrong but I think thats what it is.

Hope this helped.:D :cool: :p

14th Aug 2002, 23:11
FF8 had little replay value 9 was OK X's music sux heh actualy ff7 wasn't the best FF either but def better then 8-9-10 combined tho.... FF V claims the best FF in my book, and NOT THE PSX port of FFV that jus sucked, very bad translation.

15th Aug 2002, 16:18
Is Final Fantasy V that you are talking about the one with three worlds and endless leveling up in the various categories from Blue Mage to Caller to Ninja to Dancer to....................

Dozens of them? Is that they game you think the best?

I am playing it right now on the PSOne..got it with FFIV in an anthology pack.

15th Aug 2002, 18:44
like i said the PSX ver sux, get a emulator like Zsnes and play it as it was supposed to be, not garbled up text and no sprite scaling ugh. Jus add this, ure not a true FF fan if u havn't played 2-3 for the NES either, they have been translated long ago, jus like FF5 was. FFIV is also slightly diff the jap translated rom, alot of things were cut in the us ver. I jus think square lost thier charm when they starting focusing on cg crap, CG isn't that impressive, esp now in this day of age when a Geforce 4 can push 3.3millon polys@ 60fps almost 200mil @ 1fps witch 3dcards are rated heh, of course not one game uses that many, but any AND I mean any of the cg's in FF7-9 can be done in real time @ atleast 15fps X's are a little more complex, but i would expect it could be coxed to run @ a playable rate, but i'm off track ain't I, ya gota stick up for the newones haha, I remeber playin FF1 on a nes and 13in TV screen years ago, so i know what the classics are like, FF8-10 does not impress. Infact square Rpg's are a minority in my collection anymore, heh i jus got done beating Lunar2 EB for sega CD again recently, remeber that? prob not, came out about the same time as FF2 US years ahead interms of playabilty of anything square was doin @ the time. tho FF2-4 rocks my other fav of the series. and before u quote me on the GF4 i know it would have a hell of a time lighting the Cg's but if u turned off the light sources in the CG it would def Run on it. Tho all the movies from FF7 would Run in realtime full speed, prob faster then you would want, I can't remeber one high res CG from FF7, even the opening midgar movie can't contain more then 300,000 polys, and i'm thinking i'm way overestimating that. FF8 they got thier but in gear, most of the human models easily would be bewteen 25tho-30 heh i'm gonna stop rambling most of you prob don't understand this.

17th Aug 2002, 00:51
I understood every word. Unfortunately your not all correct :(

Oh well.

17th Aug 2002, 02:47
i am afraid i am correct, have u even ever looked @ the triangle setup count on a modern 3dcard? now a triangle is 1 poly. If i think back the voodoo 2 could push 295,000 triangles that was jus about the time FF7 PC was released. Now are u a 3dmodeler? have u ever made a 3dmodel? huh? anything basic like a Q2-3 level? just to let you know the triangle rate is rated @ 1fps, thas why u don't see games from that era pushin more then 2000 or so polys in one place @ a time, they have to try to mantain a fps of 60 or greater so divide 295,000 and the voodoo 2 @ 60fps could half almost 5000polys on screen @ 60fps, not many but a good amount for the time. so the Gf4 with 200mil can have 3.3mil @ 60fps and alot of CG screens comprise LESS then this. Heck the geforce 3 was running parts of the final fantasy movie in REAL time, and that was almost a year ago.