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12th Jul 2002, 21:52
can some one please tell me everything that has happened in B01, SR1 + SR2...or individuals can just post what they know...or want to post...


12th Jul 2002, 22:19
I did this awhile back... look for "A Chronology of the Reaver," probably on page two by now.

Reaver of Souls
12th Jul 2002, 22:20
Ok Dago, this is what I know:

SR: Raziel is a vampire lieutenant for his Master Kain, and Raziel betrays, better yet, defies Kain, and for this Raziel is chucked into the Abyss, where all his flesh (and other things) burn off. After a long time he is "resurrected" by a being called the Elder God, who sends him on a journey to consume the souls of his former comrades, and his master kain. He devours 1 of his brothers and he has a battle with Kain, where Kain shatters his sword, the Soul Reaver on Raziel, and Raziel claims it as his own weapon. It is a wraith blade, and looks like a sword of energy that he holds. He chases down 3 more brothers, and devours their souls too. The fifth one wasn't there. He finally goes after Kain, and after a short battle they travel back in time, where Raziel is greeted by the time streamer Moebius.

SR2: Back in the time when his master Kain was born, Raziel has a journey of discovery, unearthing truths and things he didn't know. Moebius sends Raziel to kill Kain, but Kain convinces Raziel not to. Raziel forges the Soul Reaver with the powers of Dark and Light in this time, and then wants to travel back further in time. However, Moebius instead sends him forwards in time 100 years, to see what the world has become. Realizing Moebius is against him, he forges the Reaver with the power of air and finds his own way back, i think 500 years. In this simpler time, he meets the last of an ancient race of winged vampires named Janos Auldron, to witness the Sarafan Priests (an order of "saints" dedicated to killing vampires which he used to be a part of when he was a human) rip Janos's heart out of his still living body. Determined to get the heart back and "resurrect" Janos, he chases the Sarafan back to their stronghold where he kills 5 of them, the last one being his own human counterpart (so he goes back in time and kills his human self). Then, the soul reaver (recently forged with fire) turns it's hunger on Raziel himself. Raziels soul would be sucked into the blade, but just then Kain arrives and saves Raziel. This action, along with Raziel having not killed Kain (see the second sentance) changes the course of history, and Kain tries to tell Raziel that Janos must stay dead and he must not resurrect him, but he is too weak to catch it. And that't the end of the game.

This doesn't explain exactly how the storyline went, and isn't too indepth, but if you need that you'll have to ask someone else. The same goes for BO1 &2 cause I'm still playing the first one and haven't tried the second one.

13th Jul 2002, 21:55
thanx...i knew alot of that...but not all...so thanx!

13th Jul 2002, 23:34
Go here: http://hometown.aol.com/mutemph/myhomepage/games.html for an LoK time line that I made. Many people will not agree with it but it should give you a good idea of whats up with the LoK series. :p