View Full Version : Stuck in Copper Mill

24th Oct 2016, 20:58
I revisited the Copper Mill in order to try and do the tomb to the far north of the area. I climbed all the way to the top, where I found that that the area you fight the 'boss' in (those flamer chaps) is blocked by burning debris.

So I cannot progress past this to reach the other side.

Please Help i dont want to start over and cant find this balance beam everyone taking about.
ps video or screenshot will be really helpful

25th Oct 2016, 01:10
Can you post a screenshot of where you are? A door should have opened after you fight the three guys with shields, where you then go up a bit further and create a zip line from the top with the rope arrow.

25th Oct 2016, 05:11
i want back up there after i did the mission and i cant find a way down

25th Oct 2016, 05:15
i want back up there after i did the mission and i cant find a way down[

25th Oct 2016, 20:27
I take it you're revisiting the area, correct? Keep in mind that several areas will be blocked upon revisiting so you'll need to explore to find alternate routes. You always can make your way back to a base camp to fast travel to wherever, however.

In your case: