View Full Version : Was Anyone Else A Little Disappointed With The Classic Outfits Unlocked After Winning

21st Oct 2016, 00:42
It was sort of neat to see classic Lara from different earlier games but they didn't seem to fit in the new generation game. I would have preferred to see the new Lara dress in the classic outfits like they did with the Antarctica outfit reimagined. To top it off the most classic outfit of all wasn't in the mix...Lara's original TR outfit with the blue-green tank top, brown shorts and combat boots.

I know I shouldn't complain, because I am very happy with the game overall and was grateful I could even play it since I had a PS4 and was one of those people green with envy when it was announced only for XBox and seeing all that game data knowing I couldn't play it (this was before the announcement it was going to PS4 and PC)

21st Oct 2016, 01:50
Yeah, I definitely would have preferred reimagined versions of the classic outfits instead of ports. If anything, I would have totally appreciated both the classic skins and remagined versions.

21st Oct 2016, 09:34
I was really happy to see them put in the classic outfits so I am not going to get all nit-picky on details. I rather would just say well done to them for doing that. To me they fit in very well with the game and other than the first playthrough I nearly always use one of them.

22nd Oct 2016, 09:07
Shadow runner outfit is awsomeness its the only one i use its great it works impo its all we need .

22nd Oct 2016, 19:58
As a huge classic the inclusion is a huge deal for me and I am overjoyed that we got them and certainly hoping we get more classic skins for the next game. Yes it may have been better to do them all like the TR3 Antarctica outfit but still overall their inclusion was a major plus point for Rise.