View Full Version : Disidia for the new 3DS

20th Oct 2016, 20:51
As you can read in the Title , i wish a Disidia Title for the 3ds.
Why ?
The Disidia games was Awesome but after the PSP the next gen is not worth it.
I know much people who would like to Play Disidia on. the DS.
There are much Games as well, so in my Opinion the game would be a hit.
At the End the Fans are Happy , and Square Enix too, for a a good Deal ;D

I Keep looking forward that my Dreams come True .

PS: If outhers want this to show it by Posting here ^^

12th Sep 2017, 14:49
I fully agree with you disidia should be re mastered for the 3ds with 4way multiplayer