View Full Version : Do you desire to play as a villain ?

20th Oct 2016, 17:11
Want to be the Bad Guy?
take over world, kidnap the princess,
and crush the heroes who dare oppose you.
play from the perspective of the Villain and rule!

only in Dragon Quest XI, Dragon Quest Builders II, possibly a new franchise?
the concept of play as the main villain has never been attempted.

"Qui est mala"

Trollingly Yours,
The SquareEnix Troll

9th Jan 2017, 06:22
Playing as a villain has been done in games such as Dungeon Keeper I believe. Now that is not Square Enix but it shows it can be done well. Also in WOW you can play as the Horde and many regard them as evil and I enjoyed playing as them in pvp at times. Now do I want to play as the villain very often? No.