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19th Oct 2016, 03:00
As a video gamer, I expect more characters to just not be white or light skinned. Not all players are Caucasians. I barely see any character representing a non-white player. What causes me to lose interest in gaming is the lack of diversity. Look, I used to love the Final Fantasy series and I still support it fully. 100%. Final Fantasy is one of those games with mostly "white" characters. Most of fan's their favorable characters are pale skinned with light eyes. Two of the FF games had at least one secondary Afro companion. As far as I know there aren't even any Afro npcs (except for Lucca who is clearly an only true Afro girl). Dajh was labeled as the only Afro child. Fran and her race seem to be modeled after African Americans, but aren't actually considered as African Americans due to being non-human. I appreciate the FF devs making these kind of characters exist but it isn't enough. Not enough to make some people happy. I want to see more black women and children like Lucca and Dajh and not just only black men. I re-imagined the child or younger version of Noctis and Lunafreya "Luna" (from a photo I seen) as African American children. Dark skin, bigger lips and noses, and poofy black hair. Not kidding (and to think about it, it's pretty weird). That's how bad it is for me. Every time I think about more "POC" characters being in the FF series. I don't just want more black characters but more Hispanics or accurately looking Asian characters.

I am going to announce something I never said before but....I actually contacted the game developers to add black characters into Lightning Returns. Cringe worthy but I'm glad I did it. I was thoughtful enough to do it because I felt like it mattered for not only me but for everyone else. I am not speaking for all people and some can disagree with me. Fine. Some of you can care less about dark skinned and some of you don't even want dark skinned characters inside of the game. The "white" characters are good enough. Adding black characters are too hard. You have to study them, make sure you don't make stereotypes, and portray them the right way. Yeah, yeah I get. This is loser talk. This is something only a weak person would say. You won't know it until you try. I heard that Japanese people think Caucasians are basically "ideal". They are beautiful and considered as a "role model" to all. Caucasians are what a person should be. I, personally, kind of disagree. Not every Japanese person thinks that. Some of their characters aren't realistically Caucasian.

What I am writing may not become an a poplar opinion or even read by Square Enix themselves. It's okay if I don't make a change. I care about every person desires to make them satisfied. I don't expect to make a change in just one day. I am only writing to save FF16 and hope it will be the most diverse game ever.

Final Fantasy 16-

-A more diverse cast of main characters and npcs

1. Characters inspired by worldwide people (This includes African American, Asian, Hispanic, Native Americans, Middle Eastern, Alaskan Native/Pacific Islander, or biracial/mixed race)

2. Represented in a way that all gamers can RELATE to.

Look Final Fantasy 15 and the movie. The world is western inspired but no black characters (well, a few dark skinned men). The npcs looked completely white American in both the game and the film (well, there were a few non-white characters in the film like that one Mexican-looking guy) but the film face scanned real life people and inserted into the computer.


Dark skinned npc men I was referring to.


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