View Full Version : Help! In The Lost Acropolis 2: Chase Wars

Chris-Craig Michaels
12th Jul 2002, 06:17
How the heck do I get the keys from under the jeep!

BTW, Harly, this is a great level! I do get frustrated by the hammer guy and the water lighting problems in the room before the jeep room. Other than that, these are some of the best levels that I have played!:)

Chris-Craig Michaels
13th Jul 2002, 06:04
Pleae? has anyone else played this level? It's great:)! But how do I get the keys?!!?

13th Jul 2002, 20:43
Chris, I played these GREAT levels. If I remember correctly, the keys are partially under the jeep. If this is right, simply crouch and get the keys crouched. Good luck! ;)