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12th Jul 2002, 03:06
Ok, what exactly are these guys? They are enemies of Vampires, but why? I was wondering about this while playing Blood Omen 2 and wanted to look at some of the murals in SR2... Then I beat SR2 and what does Kain say?... He says, "we fell into the hylden's trap" or something like that. so I was like wait a minute who are these dudes?

Anyone know?

12th Jul 2002, 03:23
In the beginning, God.... no wait wrong story.
In the beginning there were two supreme races, the Hylden and the Ancients, in Nosgoth. At one point the two races decided that there could be only one supreme race and began a "Civil War" of sorts. The Ancients constructed the Pillars of Nosgoth and the Blood Reaver to seal the Hylden into the dimensions they were banished to. At the momment of banishment the Hylden cursed the Ancients with their bloodlust and inability to walk in the sun. The decendants of the Ancients are what we now know as Vampires and the banished Hylden, after having adapted to their new dimension, are what we see in BO2. If I have left anything out, someone please fill in the blanks. Thank You.

I believe the reason the Ancients prevaled over the Hylden was that the Hylden were more of a warrior society, brute force kinda thing, whereas the Ancients were more magic and mystically oriented. The Ancients used their magic to create the Pillars and banish the Hylden, while the best the Hylden could do was a curse.
Also I believe that part of the aforementioned adaptation was that they learned to use magic while in the other dimension, possibly thanks to the demons. Which is why they are so anxious to get back to Nosgoth and put up a fair fight.

12th Jul 2002, 04:13
Yea your pretty much right with the whole who they were thing

but besides magic and such they also had flight

the hylden also had things on their back that resembled demonic wings but we dont really know if they used that as wings i mean they looked rather small

but thats what i think:D

12th Jul 2002, 13:49
It seems unlikely that the Ancients can't walk in the sun since we see Janos doing that in his cutscene.

Apocrypha Roxy
6th Sep 2002, 01:38
If you completed Blood Omen 2 you will note in the final confrontation between the Sarafan Lord and Kain, the following dialogue:
Warning, spoiler alert - read at yer own risk, or not :o

The Sarafan Lord:
What could be more righteous than to take our revenge and your freedom from the same source?
Tortured aeons of suffering are too good for you, vampire.

But not for you, Hylden, who has dared to set a corrupting foot upon this world after your banishment.
Return to the demon dimension in which you belong.

The Sarafan Lord:
And by what right, cursed one, did you send my kind to that place of evil?

By what right did you lay on us the curse that drove us from the light, and made us predators of humankind?

The Sarafan Lord:
It was justice, for our banishment from the world.

Some more dialogue insues, and then we all know what happens (well, we do if we all finished Blood Omen 2). :rolleyes:

So yeah, they needed sunblock. About 500,000 UV protection. ;)

And the Hylden did have something like wings - if you watch the credits you will see the concept art of the former 'glory' of the Hylden, and they had 3 sets of wings, though they were small.

I guess they devolved while they were banished, which is all the more fuel to the fire of their rage - it all comes down to looks, doesn't it? First Raziel, now the Hylden. Who knew an acid bath or an unexpected toss into another world could create such fierce tempers? :p :D

6th Sep 2002, 07:37
But what Janos means is that the Ancients were the protectors of Nosgoth and it's inhabitants (the Light) and the Hylden were the evil Darkness which sought to destroy all life but their own. So when they were cursed they became predators of humankind to slake their thirst that was forced upon them by the Hylden, in essence they became what they so despised in the Hylden.

Apocrypha Roxy
6th Sep 2002, 23:23
Yes, that too. :D

7th Sep 2002, 05:13
No, just that imo, Janos is seen clearly standing in the sunlight with no adverse affects

Umah Bloodomen
7th Sep 2002, 16:34
I have been doing a little backtracking on a lot of older topics and came across this one:

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I really enjoyed this thread and wanted you all to get a chance to check it out.

As always, positive feedback and constructive criticism iare welcome and appreciated. ;)

Midnight of Sevenshades
8th Sep 2002, 12:45
Originally posted by Apocrypha Roxy

And the Hylden did have something like wings - if you watch the credits you will see the concept art of the former 'glory' of the Hylden, and they had 3 sets of wings, though they were small.

Oooh! So I was right about what that pic was! Yay!

8th Sep 2002, 14:00
The wings appear to be vestigial though