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12th Jul 2002, 01:59
Angelina Jolie is training as we speak... Going through all the new disciplines she has to learn, doing yoga, strength training, body toning, flexibility training, gun twirling, martial arts, etc...

Anyone else training too??? After watching the making of the Matrix and Tomb Raider it made me wanna get in shape... And to think that while i'm working out, Angelina, Keanu, and Laurence Fishburne are doing the same... Kinda inspirational in a wierd kinda way....

Just wondering if anyone else here is into fitness and being in shape... Especially now that Angelina is training, as we all know after seeing that wetsuit pic ;)

Happy training, and happy adventuring!

29th Jul 2002, 18:14
The power of... *BUMP!*

30th Jul 2002, 14:12
well i wuldnt call it training but ive done gymnastics for 11 years (stopped this year cuz of an injury) and i kickbox and life these like mini 10lb weights at home a few times a week along w/ 200 crunches everynight.

30th Jul 2002, 15:39
Can't say that i'm a fitness freak but i like to walk an hour or so after work, it clears the head and burns the fat or if it's raining i'll do some weights or punch the bag and sometimes i find myself punching the bag after a verbal altercation with the cheese and kisses ( Mrs.) good things those bags;)

31st Jul 2002, 18:02
I did Shotokan karate for a while, i tried out Jui Jitsu, and now i'm in weapons training... Learning to use the bo.

When i saw the making of the TR movie... Angelina said that Lara was a very centered, grounded person, with that fire and that fight... But she also said that Lara has a strong center and is really relaxed. And i realized that's what martial arts does for me. It makes me more graceful and calm in the face of danger and stuff... And when a pencil falls i can catch it without doing this whole big twitch movement. It's nothing big, but it helps me realize how Lara is so calm in the face of danger.

I didn't care about excericise when i was young... But then i realized how important it was because i couldn't immitate the stunts that my idols were doing. Now i can! And i have the bruises and cuts to proove it. Lol

Anyways, i hope all these muscles i'm building will come in handy when i hopefully go hiking in some exotic country.

31st Jul 2002, 18:05
Whoa... That sounded pretty stupid. LOl, copying stunts from movies and stuff is what INSPIRED my to start training, because when i saw The Matrix i realized that people COULD actually do things that i didn't know were possible... I thought you had to be in martial arts for a looong time before doing the stunts that Keanu and Carrie Anne Moss did, and seeing them do that... That isnpired me... I don't excercise to copy fictional characters. Lol, i didn't realize what i wrote!!!

Lara Crofts Room
1st Aug 2002, 06:22
Actually What I do / did for "training" is " TAE - KWON - DO"
It happened when I was about 10(im 13) when I was watching a show on Sarah Michelle Gellar . I loved the way she fought as Buffy in the TV Show! And soon l8ter found out she does tae kwon do! So i enrolled ... at 1rst I hated it and than soon began to actually learn Something! L8ter on I gratuated to my blue belt and gave up!

2nd Aug 2002, 03:23
Aw, don't give up!!! All it takes is practice... Which sucks, cuz i hate practicing when i'm not in the dojo. Lol, but that's all it takes!!! I hate that feeling of giving up! Which is why we should try harder. Lol.

How was Tae Kwon Do, i heard it's really hard cuz you gotta kick really high and stuff. Is it really base on points?

Lara Crofts Room
2nd Aug 2002, 04:15
They usually base it on accuracy