View Full Version : No email for TR site

12th Jul 2002, 01:29
I don't get email from Tombraider.com. I registered the day after you could. Then I registered under a new email and a new name (I registered on my sis's the first time). I don't get email from either.


12th Jul 2002, 02:56
They be busy their, they will e-mail you when important info is on hand. Like the In-Game footage.:rolleyes:

13th Jul 2002, 17:17
No. I didn't get email at all! I've been waiting for a couple of months and still no email. I didn't get notified about the Hand of Fate trailer.

13th Jul 2002, 18:29
Same with me.
I signed up right after E3 and I haven't gotten any email from them.

Lil Lara
13th Jul 2002, 18:39
I've only gotten one email from them about the in-game footage trailer.. otherwise, they have been pretty silent about things. They still don't mention much about Kurtis on the website, even though everyone knows a lot about him know from that PSM article..

13th Jul 2002, 21:18
Hi Lil Lara, MountainDewNut and MacAngel

Please re-register on Tombraider.com and I will make sure that you are e-mailed with important info about Tomb Raider.

I will double check that you are in our system -- email me at webmaster@eidos.com