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Lil Lara
12th Jul 2002, 01:27
I was just wondering how old people were that play TR, pretty self-explanitory. I was just interested in seeing if it was an older or younger generation that played.. well.. please vote and feel free to give me your thoughts!

12th Jul 2002, 03:22

12th Jul 2002, 03:52
21 and proud of it.

12th Jul 2002, 03:56
For some reason, any poll now will not let me vote........

But anyway, I'm 16, and Junior in High School now!!! WOO!! Go Juniors!! :D

12th Jul 2002, 05:12
<-------The last part of my screenname is my birthmonth and year.


:) I'm 40 and proud of it! :D

12th Jul 2002, 07:10
37 and a half.

12th Jul 2002, 09:29
Im 22 and sad cause I not 21 any more LOL :p

Gill Rene
12th Jul 2002, 12:35
19 :p

12th Jul 2002, 17:48
um 15 :( hehe

Lil Lara
12th Jul 2002, 18:02
It's ok internet king, I'm 15 as well. Oh, Deekman.. I love your picture... I wonder if Lara will look like that when she's older...

12th Jul 2002, 21:03
And I'm 14 and half...... (I don't think it's a problem, is IT?) ;)

12th Jul 2002, 23:50

Wow, I am really surprised at how young some of you are! This is meant to be a compliment, by the way...Very impressive.

13th Jul 2002, 00:32
15! WOO!!

13th Jul 2002, 22:23
I'm 16 (or should I say 16 and 2.5 weeks? :D).

14th Jul 2002, 04:09
You should of put "12 or Younger". Then you wouldn't make me look so stupid. I'm 12.5 and proud of it! :)

Lil Lara
14th Jul 2002, 06:10
Oh! I'm sorry MacAnglel.. silly me.. well, we all know the truth that you are 12.5! :D

14th Jul 2002, 13:04
18 as of almost a month ago!


14th Jul 2002, 21:31
I've been 13 for 3 days.

Lady in Black
15th Jul 2002, 02:46
I'm 15 and happy that there's alot of people who are the exact age as me. :D

15th Jul 2002, 02:59
im 15 too :)

Lady in Black
15th Jul 2002, 03:25

15th Jul 2002, 05:17
I'm 15.

btw Lara is HOT!!! :cool:


15th Jul 2002, 06:51
I'm 14 and proud of it! (I could have my driver's license if I lived in Alaska :()

15th Jul 2002, 16:14
34 at mo - almost 35 and loving it!!!!!!:p

15th Jul 2002, 21:43
yeah, yeah, i'm old but not senile yet and i still play games, :D

tricky lynx
16th Jul 2002, 04:02
im SEVENTEEN. oh yeah. one of those perfect ages like 21 and 25.

17th Jul 2002, 15:40
Way to go, AmO. Raid on! I'm going to be 37 on Aug 3. Not quite middle aged, since I plan to live to 110. ;-)

17th Jul 2002, 18:01
29 and looking good! :)

Tilda Tiger
18th Jul 2002, 20:53
I just turned 23, and it's a pretty good age. I don't think it's very unusual for people of my age to be playing video/computer games, after all, we grew up with them. I was 17 when I first played Tomb raider, back in 1996, and I've loved it ever since, even though I enjoy many other games. It's become a big part of my life in many, unexpected ways. But I don't want to go OT in my first ever post in here, so I'll hush up now!

19th Jul 2002, 04:30
It's not unusual for you to be playing games at 23. My 40 year old mother plays Sim City 3000 Unlimited, Age of Empires II, Empire Earth, StarTopia Civilisation III... You're never too old!

And you all already know my age (18), so too bad if I'm a little OT...

19th Jul 2002, 09:19
14.5 and proud of it! :p

20th Jul 2002, 02:27
I am 20.......oh angel of death I like your pic
btw...how can i make my url on my sig say something beides the url itself...i want it to say something like "ME"

20th Jul 2002, 03:09
I'm 12 & Proud to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

newbie gamer
20th Jul 2002, 04:56
thank you lil lara for letting me know about the poll, i have voted in the 25-35 year range eventhough im at the very end of that line! ha!ha! still lovin' life.

22nd Jul 2002, 06:18
I'm 16 and a senior in high school!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:

22nd Jul 2002, 19:11
I'm 15 too.:D

23rd Jul 2002, 04:02
I'm 15 too and proud of it!!!!!!!!:) :p :D

*Lara Croft*
27th Jul 2002, 02:26
I'm 14 and 3/4. :D

29th Jul 2002, 23:46
Wow. You lot are a lot younger than I thought. Before tombraider.com gave the link out to this place, it was mostly 20+..

To answer your question... 26.

Lara Crofts Room
30th Jul 2002, 02:24
I'm 13 :))

1st Aug 2002, 00:17
woo hoo
40 and lovin it

1st Aug 2002, 18:45
Gosh, everyone here (except AmO) are the same ages of my children and grandchildren. 64 1/2 here. :)

2nd Aug 2002, 19:48
Just turned 17. *preens*

Raider Sunrise
4th Aug 2002, 16:34
14... :)

purple rain
5th Aug 2002, 13:45
i'm 19
for the next couple of days (ok weeks) anyway
can someone please stop time before august 22nd?

6th Aug 2002, 20:07
I am 19 but rapidly approaching 20 and not liking it one bit, I won't be a teenager anymore :( Guess I could be twenteen, hmm.....

6th Aug 2002, 20:20
Hi everybody. I'm 13 and I just registered here! :)

6th Aug 2002, 21:05
I'm 45 and should be ashamed of myself :D

7th Aug 2002, 04:56
Originally posted by dhama
I'm 45 and should be ashamed of myself :D

You have nothing to be ashamed of! This is a great game and has a lot to offer - keeps our minds occupied as well as our fingers! :D I have to admit, that it is sometimes a bit uncomfortable for me to admit to my peers that I play video games - but what can I say? We do, after all, have to keep the child inside us alive. And besides, doesn't everyone say that age is only a state of mind?

7th Aug 2002, 06:16
I thought I'd replied to this before. My wife and I are in our fifties, I never thought I'd live this long. At this age you only count decades.

7th Aug 2002, 20:05

7th Aug 2002, 21:10
I'm 16 and I'm going to be a senior this year.

Dark One
7th Aug 2002, 22:50
I should have known this forum was full of whippersnappers. :D

I'm 24 which translates into old enough to know better.

8th Aug 2002, 09:45

10th Aug 2002, 05:15

L Croft
10th Aug 2002, 11:23
I'm 14

10th Aug 2002, 21:57
Somewhere over 30...

the last frustration
16th Aug 2002, 17:14

(yes that's a number, TLF just felt like writing it differently because then she wouldn't look weird anymore :p)

16th Aug 2002, 19:17

16th Aug 2002, 19:35
My internal chronometer registers 25 years 195 days 4 hours 22 minutes and 41 seconds......42......43......44......45......46......

17th Aug 2002, 09:03
Nearly 32. My reason for writing dumb threads is that my inner child takes over too much hmmmmm. I'm a big kid at heart like Peter Pan I've never grown up unforunately I've just grown out.

21st Aug 2002, 00:38
I'm only 39. I'll be 40 next month. I just found out that I need reading glasses. The 14 year old eye doctor insisted that it's a normal part of the aging process.


21st Aug 2002, 14:36
Originally posted by Carolyn
The 14 year old eye doctor insisted that it's a normal part of the aging process.



25th Aug 2002, 23:53
46 for another a couple of months.

26th Aug 2002, 03:20
gonna be 13....14 next yr!

;) bet most of u didnt think me so young??

why can't i vote??

31st Aug 2002, 11:57
im 14, and having a great time, i tell you its great bein 14


1st Sep 2002, 13:33
@ dino - are u really that old?? cause, wow!
it's cool to see so many different ages around here!:p

10th Nov 2003, 17:01
20 years old :)

10th Nov 2003, 17:34
originally posted by Tipsko:
you never come in the angel of darkness section, do you?
Only because I haven't played it.
I have to wait for a Mac version. Maybe some of the bugs will have
been worked out by then.
In the meantime, I've been fully immersed in feeding my TR frenzy by playing
custom levels done with the editor. Lots and lots of great levels out there....

@Goran: I'm still 40+!

10th Nov 2003, 18:10
45 Here.

10th Nov 2003, 19:58
I'm 13

Leigh Croft
10th Nov 2003, 21:12
17, can't wait for the big One Eight!

10th Nov 2003, 21:32
17, can't wait for the big One Eight!

don't expect too much from it :)

10th Nov 2003, 22:51
Originally posted by Carolyn
.........The 14 year old eye doctor insisted that it's a normal part of the aging process.

WoW really, how did they become an eye doctor at such a young age.............. :confused:

11th Nov 2003, 21:51
I'm 16!!

12th Nov 2003, 07:52

14th Nov 2003, 04:12
Let's see...

Physically - 29

Mentally - 19

Chron - never tell

Psych - I forget

Spirit - doesn't matter

Tomb Raider Fan
3rd Dec 2003, 21:56
Turned 16 about 2 months a go :)

3rd Dec 2003, 22:24
It has been over a year since I replied in this long-running thread, so now I am 72.

Blind Intentions
5th Dec 2003, 04:26
19, not quite 21 yet but getting there :D


ZZI Raider
15th Dec 2003, 20:06
I'm 17. I was supprised at how many people were around my age.

I thought everyone was around 20 or older.

21st Dec 2003, 10:25
I am 35 and not proud of it, sniff. wish I was still young.
I noticed that grey hairs were appearing my head last week
I worked in the game industry last year as a character modeller/textire artist. i felt like I was really old working there, but there were some other oldies there too.

21st Dec 2003, 17:20
17 in just over a month....

28th Dec 2003, 13:38
I am 24 years young... or old - for some :D lol

4th Jan 2004, 04:35
I'm 17 years old. I to am surprised how many people are my age!:D

4th Jan 2004, 21:46
I'm 16 but I have an attitude of a 21 year old (or so I've been told). Thats funny, maybe I am actually older than I think haha, I wish haha!:D ;)

TR James
10th Mar 2004, 16:57
I'm 16, but I look older (tall).

13th Mar 2004, 18:56
I live forever, just like Lara
So, what does age matter ;)

13th Apr 2004, 03:29
Thirty Fwooaaaar! (34) :D

13th Apr 2004, 03:42
44 :D