View Full Version : A few DROMED related questions - PLEASE answer!!

12th Jul 2002, 01:00
Hi all;
I've got a few questions - I'd really appreciate if you could help!! :)

Firstly, I've changed the skin to my blackjack - the one Garrett holds; where do I locate the one that spins around, by the left bottom corner of the screen?
Secondly, I have a sound clip I would like one of my AI to hum, while unaware - how do I do that? (That is, when he's standing there, not do anything, oblivious to Garrett's presence, instead of going "Hmmmph" or whatever sounds he ussually makes, how would I get him to start humming this sound clip (I already have the sound clip, I just need to know how to get him to do it!).
Thanks!! :)

12th Jul 2002, 03:23
open the schema for that AI root around in there til you find the wav that goes along with unalert ..then rename yours to that..place in SNd/"ai group" folders
Blackjack..just replace the obj skin and place it in your obj/txt folders. make sense?

12th Jul 2002, 03:40
Thanks Apache - where do I find the object skin?

12th Jul 2002, 03:45
in your obj.crf file either use Winzip to extract it or ThiefMediaEdit
the file you are looking for is
then make a folder obj in your THief 2 directory
inside that make another folder called txt16 and place your new gif there.

12th Jul 2002, 03:53
Ahhh - I thank you kindly!! :)

12th Jul 2002, 03:56
One more question - for dead/unconsious bodies - where are the little pictures, when you pick up the bodies (I have made some new skins that work fine, but they come out as they previously were, before the new skin was added when picked up. I want to alter that:D).

12th Jul 2002, 04:07
I can't remember off hand..i did it with Thief 1..just drawing a blank now.

12th Jul 2002, 04:09
found it..it in the obj file no sub folder..my guess is that if you extracted the gif for that AI and modified it then save it under a new name. place it in your obj folder
then open the props for that AI
Add>Invertory>Renderer Type
Alternate Bitmap
"new gif name here"

12th Jul 2002, 04:14
Thanks Apache - I've been going through my obj file, and extracting tons of little things, to mess with. :p I'll be busy for a long time, I guess. :D
Thanks again!! :)

12th Jul 2002, 04:18
Have you tried Thief Media Edit?

12th Jul 2002, 18:02
I've heard TME is supposed to be really good, but I can't get the confounded thing to work. :o I downloaded it (or maybe it came on the CD, I don't remember - anyways...), installed it, and it won't open any files. :( So I'll just do it the hard way.:D Unless I can get it to work. :D

13th Jul 2002, 03:52
Just download and Unzip the contents into a empty folder labeled Thief Edit or whatever you want. It doesn't have to go into your Thief folder. After you unzip open the program and set it up to look into your Thief2/RES folder.Thats it..you'll be set.

13th Jul 2002, 04:00
Ok, I'll try that - thanks!! :)

13th Jul 2002, 04:01
It worked!! :) Thanks, Apache!! :)

13th Jul 2002, 04:04
Glad to be of help..:D