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Whatz His Name
12th Jul 2002, 00:52
I just visited the Ion Storm Thief 3 website and its interactive now. It may have always been interactive, but this is the first time I've noticed it. If so, please excuse this thread. If not, check it out. It has some nice backgrounds and music. Too bad some of the links are bad.

12th Jul 2002, 00:58
Hows about a linky link. :)
I'm too lazy to look it up myself ;)

12th Jul 2002, 01:25
this brings you to thier company web site or to me thier DeusEx 2 web site since everything there has to do with that. The link for Thief 3 is
which just gives you a 1 page web site saying Coming soon.
Someone from TTLG got a job working on Thief 3. I can't remember his name, but can't we e-mail him and see if he is alittle more understanding to the community. To go this long without any type of update is in my mind poor publicity. They can't even post the few screenshots floating around about Thief 3 on the Thief 3 web site? We need to storm ION and demand screenshots..I've the the torches and pitchforks..Who's with me?

12th Jul 2002, 01:54
Aaahhh I could talk to Sledge? ;)

12th Jul 2002, 04:16
What is all that interaction? Do you mean being able to click on three icons that show old advertizements of three earlier versions, with "buy it now" links that don't work? Sheesh. What a letdown.:(

I agree completely, Apache. Not a link to T3 or even mention of it at the Ion Storm site. And that orphan T3 web page, coming soon. Yeh, right. It's like they really want to cut off communication. Like you, I don't understand it.

BA, if you can contact Sledge that may help. Ask him why there is so little communication and whether the situation can be improved. If nothing else, maybe the answer to that question would be informative.:)

12th Jul 2002, 05:41
Originally posted by Peter Smith
Not a link to T3 ... at the Ion Storm site.

I may need my eyes testing, but <a href="http://www.btinternet.com/~david_cornish/img/forums/isa.jpg">Muuh?</a>

I fear that talking to Sledge will have little affect. To work at a game dev's you will have had to sign one big fat NDA. (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Also, there are many people who moan that ISA haven't shown anything for T3. Well, let me ask you this: When was the last time you heard of a game you love being announced when the ink was still drying on the contract?
Thief III was announced by Eidos with ISA as developers on August 8th 2000, a mere 10 weeks after Looking Glass went out of business. The first you normally hear of a game is in a preview on a website, or in a magazine that is adorned with screenshots of a game where development is galloping along and has been for some time.
Although Thief III and Deus Ex 2 were announced at the same time, I believe that Deus Ex 2 has been in production much longer, since Deus Ex 1 got such rave reviews in 2000.

Be patient.

Whatz His Name
12th Jul 2002, 12:40
Originally posted by Apache
We need to storm ION and demand screenshots..I've the the torches and pitchforks..Who's with me?


I'm ready! :D

12th Jul 2002, 16:38
Well here's a thread that started out with a bit of humor that's gotten a few taffers riled up at TTLG's forums. It gives my thoughts on the matter as well a why I think T3's developers are being a bit tight lipped.


Thorin Oakenshield
12th Jul 2002, 18:21
SAD :rolleyes: When Taffers start *****ing about each other. After all we ALL have our own opinions.
BTW in the TTLG post graywolf mentioned a Mac truck driving at 80mph in the USofA I thought you can only go at 55mph:confused:

Whatz His Name
12th Jul 2002, 18:50
Its not against the law unless you get caught. :D

12th Jul 2002, 20:16
The 55 mph speed limit in the USA is no more, Thorin. Each individual state now sets its own limits. In Montana, for example, there are no speed limits, other than what is safe for the road you're travelling on so there are surely legal 80 mph Mack trucks around.