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Keeper Collins
11th Jul 2002, 22:31
I had to give up on the Mages Area.There were a few reasons why.One there were to many bugs preventing me form finishing it.Second it got a little to scary.And third I moved on to Events in Highrock.And I have a few questions about that fm.1.How do I steal form Cunny,the trader.I'm not alowed to kill the unarmed and I can't black jack his fat #@*.So what do I do?2.There are two homes near the wear huose.How do I get in to them? I was only able to get threw the window I smased on the one huse and that lead me nowere.And weres the key to the house next to it?3.Were is Swicters house?4.How do I get in to the warehouse?5.How do I frame Cunny for robing the warehouse?Or whatever I'm spoused to frame him for.6.There are two Hammer areas I can't get in to.One is by the river next to the small Hammer Temple wich I already riaded.It's the Place with the Hammerites behind the gate.Do I have to Jump in the river to get there cuz I havve'nt been in the river yet.The second hammer place I can't get in to is the BIG Temple.How do I get in there?

Oh,and one more thing how do I get the Biulders Chilse in the Thives Quater?I got the key but can't find The Chisle.

Thank You all in advance
Kepper Collins

11th Jul 2002, 22:43
That's a WHOLE lot of questions! The Builder's Chisel is in a chest in the hidden room off of the Library upstairs. It's to your right at the top of the stairs.

As for Events in Highrock,
1) To steal Cunny's merchandise, go into his shop and tuck yourself back into the corner shadows. Just sit and wait patiently for a minute or two. A man, who's been walking around outside, will come into the shop and provide a diversion that allows you to clean out the shop and make a clean get away. Just don't let Cunny even catch sight of you after that, or the mission will end.

2) The window you broke in the house the warehouse leads into a room. On top of the armoire, there's a box holding a key. The key opens the front door and gives you access to the rest of the house. I don't think you can get into any of the other houses down there, that I recall.

3) To find Switcher, go to the square near your apartment that has a fountain in it. Look in the fountain for a rock. Look up for a breakable second floor window. Use the rock (or possibly a broadhead, though I haven't triied it) to break the window. Then you can rope arrow into a nearby beam, jump into the window and you're on your way.

4)You won't figure out how to frame Cunny until you've been in the warehouse, so I won't tell you that just yet. To get into the warehouse, you have to go up on the roof of the other building (the one I mentioned how to get into in #2, jump down onto the ledge that runs around the second story of the warehouse, walk around to the window, grab the warehouse key and then you can unlock the front door.)

5) You can get into the Hammer area behind the small temple two ways. One is by jumping into the river and looking for a hole in the basement wall. The other is to go into the small chapel and break a window up near the front on the right side. Then you can just climb through into the yard. You'll find the key you need for the Main Temple in this area. :)

12th Jul 2002, 03:08
Actually for Cunny, I think there is a specific corner you have to hide in. It's the one where there is a pillar you can hide behind. When you hide behind it, some guy comes off the street, steals something, and Cunny runs out of the shop after him. That's when you steal his goods. But don't hang around a real long time. After a long interval, Cunny eventually returns.