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11th Jul 2002, 16:31
I have a problem with Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver for the PC... I need some assistance with the game... You see everytime I start a new game it plays the first video and then when it begins to play the second video of Raziel waking up it freezes everytime and yet the background still moves but nothing else does... Can someone tell me what the hell keeps happening???

11th Jul 2002, 21:48
Hey Wing01,
I'm not sure why this is happening to you. Does your system meet the requirements for the game? Are you trying to play the game on a newer operating system then the game might support? The best thing to do would be to contact Eidos Tech Support. The number should be in the manual that came with your game. But if you do want to post some of your system specs here, it is possible that someone might be able to help you. Good-luck.
Crystal Dynamics

12th Jul 2002, 01:49
Hey Chris,

Yeah I have a Win98 OS and I have met or went beyond the system requirements... So I really don't know what to do from here... I even put the 1.2 patch on it.. And it still keeps just freezing... But I will try the number in my booklet and see if they can help me out... And thank you for your help...