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11th Jul 2002, 16:25
I know people ask this question all the time and you must be getting sick of hearing it, but can someone please tell me now to get a picture on this forum. NOT A SIG, I already have one of those, this picture is something I have drawn. It does not have an address and I do not have a web page???!!! It is possible, if so how?

Please note I am thick and do not understand web and computer talk, so please spell it out for me in plain English.

Many thanks to anyone who can help and sorry for being so stupid :(

11th Jul 2002, 16:29
Sorry...it has to be on a website somewhere. You can't just "post it from your computer".

If you don't mind creating your own webpage then you can do that. I'm not sure which ones are the best. But I'm sure there will be someone on this forum who can point you in the right direction!

11th Jul 2002, 16:33
Thank you m.

Ok new question.
Say I do have a web page, which I think I do, although there is nothing on it, how do I then get the picture on to it? I have to 'give it a address' right? how do I do that? :(

11th Jul 2002, 16:39
Well, what kind of webpage is it? Is it one where you can put up pictures? There should be some sort of "manual" or FAQ that guides you through the process of how to put up the pictures. Once yu do that I think a web address will be automatically assigned to it. Then from there you can post the image here.

Not all webpages allow you to hotlink. I think Yahoo and geocities (same thing?) don't let you do that.

11th Jul 2002, 16:41
One more thing...I belong to a bridal forum and all the girls there swear by www.ofoto.com. It's what they all use to post their wedding pictures and stuff. I've never used it myself but apparently it's pretty easy to use. You might want to give it a try.

11th Jul 2002, 16:49
Thanks again m, I will give that a go and see what I can do.

My web page says I can post pictures, but it says something about changing the image and goes on about path and stuff, I don't understand.

Why couldn't I have been born later!!!

11th Jul 2002, 16:52
lol! Yeah, it does seem that the "kids" have a natural affinity for this sort of thing (is that what you meant by "Why couldn't I have been born later!!!"?) Actually, most of what I learned about posting pictures on forums I learned from the last frustration. I think she was 14 at the time! :)

11th Jul 2002, 17:34
LOL yeah that's what I meant. Kids just look at you as though your from another planet when you ask them how to do something technical, like we just stepped out of the dark ages!! lol :D

Les Effant Terrible
11th Jul 2002, 19:27
You can always just click the second button on you mouse over the picture on the web that you want,click on properties, get the url of the picture. do the url box thing over it and there'd be a link on the post to go to that website. Or just highlight the website paste and put img thing around it, the second img.
Mkae sure on the second url or img that you put the / in front.

This is the url.

or the img.


11th Jul 2002, 23:10

12th Jul 2002, 01:27
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Les Effant Terrible
[B]You can always just click the second button on you mouse over the picture on the web that you want,click on properties, get the url of the picture. do the url box thing over it and there'd be a link on the post to go to that website. Or just highlight the website paste and put img thing around it, the second img.
Mkae sure on the second url or img that you put the / in front.

I believe Ms. Prelude asked for plain English.

Les Effant Terrible
12th Jul 2002, 03:30
yeah, i thought that would be confusing, but i forgot to edit out some stuff. sorry. when i try to explain about the url stuff than it puts up what I'm explaining as a url.

okay... go to the website... and click the picture you want with the second button on you mouse... Go down to "properties"... and click on that with the regular button on your mouse... See the section that says URL: and has the website of the picture?...Copy and paste that website onto your message. Now in front of the website you just pasted put [img] in front of it...

(i'll continue on another post, dont' ask why)

Les Effant Terrible
12th Jul 2002, 03:31
... now at the end of the website (the ".com" or ".net" or whatever) put [/img]. And then just post the message understand?

12th Jul 2002, 13:11
Oh yeah, thanks, but I already know how to do that, getting a picture from a web site is easy, I want to know how to put the picture there in the first place. Say you draw, I don't know, a square in your paint box on your computer, how do you then give the square an address and post it on a web site, so then you can post it here??? Am I making any sense at all? Is this possible? Funny I thought technology was supposed to be a wonderful thing!!

12th Jul 2002, 13:31
The process is called 'uploading'. You upload a file (in your case a picture) to your webspace. Which means you need your own little space in the internet. Something like www.goranagar.com. (I just got it, so don't ask why there is nothing in there.)

There are some providers that offer free webspace, but you can not post pictures here by hotlinking (which only means to tell this forum to show a picture that is parked there in your reply here) to those free websites (like tripod or geocities).

Once you have your own webspace you usually upload those pictures with a program called FTP-client.

If it is just a signature you can use www.yoursighost.com.

12th Jul 2002, 17:25
Thank you Goran, I think I understand now.

Thanks again.

12th Jul 2002, 17:42
If you get really stuck email the pic to me and I'll host it for you on my space.

12th Jul 2002, 18:01
Aw thanks Dave. ;) that's really sweet of you.

But this is really frustrating, I really want to know how to do this, but I’m going round in circles. I don’t think I have the right software to do it. I’m sure it’s such an easy thing to do……if you know how. :confused: I really want to learn, guess I’m just not clever enough. :(

12th Jul 2002, 18:13
When you connect to the internet, who do you do it through?
For example, AOL? BT? Tiscali? NTL?

All of these give you free webspace when you sign up with them.
Find out how to access it by visiting that companies home page, and they should give you directions on how to upload. You may not need any new software in many cases.

I use homestead (www.homestead.com) to host my pics I post online...as I don't keep much there it is still free to me. (I think they charge you if you have more than 8mb of stuff there.)

12th Jul 2002, 19:55
I have NTL and I do have a web space, I have tried using the Tutorial. It says this about loading pictures:

There are many different kinds of electronic images: bitmaps (.bmp), tiff files (.tif) and so on. On the Web you can only use two kinds of image: a .gif file and a .jpg file. Whichever picture you would like to put on the Web you must first convert it to one of these two formats. You can do this using image software such as Paint Shop Pro, Lview Pro, Corel Photo-Paint or Adobe Photoshop.
All images on the web are distinct files separate from the actual web page. All the HTML command does is tell the browser where the image is (i.e. the directory on your hard disk or web server) and where to put it on the page.
e.g. <img src="mypic.gif">
It is important that when you indicate where an image should be placed you give it the correct directory path. If the image is in the same directory as the web page then all you have to write is the image file's name.

This makes no sense to me!!! and I still don’t get it, it doesn’t explain how to ‘upload’, and the software it mentions I don’t have. Sorry for being so dim.

13th Jul 2002, 00:16
OK guys thanks for all your help so far. Now I have another question.

I have created a wed space, and I have the picture on there, I have changed it to a jpg image, and it has an address, yippee, sounding good so far, (aren’t I clever, not) Now when I try and post it here, it doesn’t work! Is this becos my wed space is through NTL, and is it becos of this hotlinking thingy that Goran was talking about?

Any more help would be appreciated. I am getting there! Think how wonderful you will feel if you help me to do it and how eternally grateful I will be!! But more to the point if I work this out then I’ll shut up and leave you all in peace! :D

13th Jul 2002, 01:04
A lot of the hotlinking stuff you can by-pass with changing the 'ending' of the file. E.g. rename the file by changing the extension from .jpg to .txt, and it can work (I know it does with angelfire and geocities).

Good luck! :)

13th Jul 2002, 01:25
Nope, still not working. I have even tried creating a new web space using (www.homestead.com) like DaveJ suggested. All I get is the address and not the picture. like this


So I'm going something wrong I just don't know what?

I'm sure its something to do with this linking thing, but I don't understand it. I think I've done well to get this far, but I am not giving up, oh no, I will suckseed (for those of you who don’t now that’s what a budgie with no teeth does) :D

13th Jul 2002, 03:23
I have no idea what's going wrong, but this will definitely work!

Go to this link (http://angelfire.lycos.com/doc/zones/build.html), choose 'sign up' and do the stuff for signing up. Then click 'build page now'. Choose your pic (where it says 'file upload') from your hard drive and press the 'file upload button'. Then select your pic in the white window (under index.html), and click the 'rename button'. Rename your pic from xxx.jpg to xxx.txt, and that's it! :)

If I spelled out too much what you should do, I'm sorry, but this is all the info you should need, I think. You can do it in less then 10 minutes! ;)

Well, good luck to you, whichever path you choose! :)

BTW There's a cookie in it for you if you get a pic on the board! :D :p

BTW2 What's a budgie??? :confused:

13th Jul 2002, 06:41
Another question.....where are you trying to post this pic?
In this forum?
Or elsewhere?

13th Jul 2002, 11:26
A COOKIE :eek: wait I can do this one


He he :D thanks Wixer. I will try your method, but I'm puzzled (again :rolleyes: ) Beks managed to get my picture to work, with what I've done already, so I obviously just didn’t do something simple right. I will talk to her about how she did it?

Oh and a budgie is a sort of bird that sits in a cage! (They are usually yellow or blue…..or green) I don’t know if that’s the proper abbreviation but I meant Budgerigar.

DaveJ I am trying to post it here on this forum. If you go to the post about ‘Lets all go raiding’ on the TR legacy site, you will see it there. As I said Beks got it to work but I couldn’t, sending her a PM as we speak.

Thanks for all your help.

13th Jul 2002, 13:50
I did it I did it I did it I DID IT! *claps hands, grins inanely and jumps up and down like a nutter*

Thank you thank you thank you all, for all you help, I feel like I’ve just stepped in the twentieth century!! All it was, was the URL thing, instead of letting the forum do it automatically I copied and pasted it myself and it worked. :D

Thanks again, I’ll shut up now.

PS Wixer can I have my cookie now, I did make it work? :p

13th Jul 2002, 14:42
Congratulations with stepping into the twentieth century!
(Now you'll just have to find a way to get into the twenty first :D :p)

You've outgrown yourself, and this must be rewarded.
So come hither and collect your prize, mylady:


Bon appétit ;)

13th Jul 2002, 16:27
MMMMMMM yum yum, they were very tasty, thanks :D


14th Jul 2002, 09:53
Originally posted by Prelude
MMMMMMM yum yum, they were very tasty, thanks :D

Now I am impressed. That's damn funny. :D

14th Jul 2002, 09:54
BTW, Wixer if you ever go to Germany, I am pretty sure you won't want to insist on that nickname of yours.

14th Jul 2002, 14:42
@Prelude: Nice touch! LOL

@Goran: And why would that be? (I can't think of anything it can be....) :confused:

EDIT: Never mind Goran, I just read a PM from VonCroy and I have a pretty good guess now.

Thank God this is an English speaking forum!! :D

15th Jul 2002, 05:28

15th Jul 2002, 11:23
Originally posted by GoranAgar

Now I am impressed. That's damn funny. :D

WOW! :eek: I impressed Goran!!!!

*Grins inanely* It was all worth it :D

Thanks for the compliment :)

15th Jul 2002, 15:28
Hey Wixer, why have you changed your name back to Collin? What does Wixer mean in German, tell me please I’m intrigued :confused:

19th Jul 2002, 09:39
Prelude, I had exactly the same problem in the past, so I created a website in geocities only to host my pics and guess what--> geocities don't allow hotlinking! I went mad...
Where do you host your pics?

@Collin:How come did you change your name back to Collin?

19th Jul 2002, 10:03
Homestead.com for now but only for another 25 days!!! Then I'll looking for somewhere else.