View Full Version : The combat system in SR III

11th Jul 2002, 16:10
just starting a new tread to give ides for the combat system in sr3.
if you ask me they shoud make it more advance. 1 thing they can do is make raz counter attack when hit. or maybe when somebody gets hit the game stops and zooms around the spot where they got hit can be turn off or on. or maybe just a freeze button that stops the game. well this are my ides love to hear what the rest thinks...:cool:

11th Jul 2002, 18:44
Maybe it was just the peculiarities of my hylden-infested computer, but whenever I went into combat, the host of my enemies would surround me... and, generally, patiently wait their turn whilst I not only dispatched one of them to their culinary demise, but also for me to consume their soul, pat my nonexistent belly and say "Ahhh." I half expect that if I'd wanted an after-dinner cigarette they'd have just stood there waiting on me. So my request is for enemies attacking simultaneously to... well, attack simultaneously. I'd like it to be a real challenge at some point...

Apocrypha Roxy
12th Jul 2002, 20:54
More characters, more CGI cutscenes, and faster, harder gameplay/puzzles. Gosh I love puzzles. The Fire Forge one had me fustrated for 20 minutes at least, until I got crafty and figured it out. Wooh that was fun!

12th Jul 2002, 22:18
i think it should be faster...and multiple things should attack at once...but not too many...and raz must move faster, he must be more responsive, and have more moves!

13th Jul 2002, 01:13
A dozen of the big fire demons at once sounds good :D

Power reaver
13th Jul 2002, 05:16
Since Raz ate Zephons Soul , dont you think he should have spider like agility and stuff , bouncing off walls , fighting underwater and in the air , while the world is cracking into 2 peices sounds preety good to me .

BTW I want more acrobatics and the "Rush" feeling in the game .

13th Jul 2002, 05:24
He ate Zephons soul not Spider-Mans. :)

Power reaver
13th Jul 2002, 05:45
Dont you know Zephon is mutated vamp Spidy , geez :p